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Golden Days // coreografia Johan Inger

Choreography by JOHAN INGER

Music: Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Keith Jarrett
Stage design: Johan Inger
Costume design: Johan Inger, Francesca Messori e Carolina Armenta
Light design: Peter Lundin
Assistant to the choreographer: Patricia Vazquez Iruretagoyena e Yvan Dubreuil

GOLDEN DAYS presents two existing works of Johan Inger RAIN DOGS and BLISS, connected by a new short solo creation, BIRDLAND.

RAIN DOGS and BLISS are two distinctive works, made years apart and are conceptually and choreographically far from each other, inviting the viewer to dive into two different worlds, though illustrating reoccurring themes in Johan Inger’s work: loss, change and the consequences thereof.
The solo BIRDLAND carries the thread between these two different periods of life, in a grit and a rebellious streak against changes in life.

The concept and what holds this evening together is of course the choice of music: Tom Waits, Patti Smith and Keith Jarrett. Through their music and their art, these artists have influenced and help change a whole generation.
We feel a certain sense of history/nostalgia, a place in the past that seemed (at least looking a it nowadays) simple and free.

“As we grow older we often reflect on our journeys and I, for once, look back on my path with a true smile, when things were bright and carefree.
Those were golden days!”
Johan Inger.

Costumes made by Aterballetto Costume Shop – Francesca Messori, Debora Baudoni

World Premiere

Siviglia (Sp) – Festival Italica – 30th June 2017

With the support

Duration: 75’ – For the entire company

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