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BLISS // coreografia Johan Inger

Choreography by Johan Inger
Music: Keith Jarrett
Stage design: Johan Inger
Costume design: Johan Inger and Francesca Messori
Light design: Peter Lundin
Assistant to the choreographer: Yvan Dubreuil

"The starting point of this new piece is the music of Keith Jarrett's Köln Concert, which, apart from myself also inspired and touched millions of people due to its perfect timing of catching a generation moving from one part of their lives to another.
My task, together with the dancers will be how we relate to this iconic music. There is both a composing and an emotional challenge as to how we meet this music with todays eyes.
I have today been asked to present a thought about what my new work will be about, but the truth of the piece will have to be discovered through my meeting with the dancers, and us together, meeting the music of the Köln Concert.
So we are, all of us, no matter how experienced, a total “ newcomer” related both to each other and to the music that will give a voice to this new meeting.”

Costume realization: Aterballetto Costume Shop – Francesca Messori, Debora Baudoni

World première
Modena (Italy), Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti, 23rd March 2016

Danza & Danza 2016 “Best Italian Production of the Year” Award

Duration: 26' 30" - For the entire company

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