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Nude Anime // coreografia Valerio Longo

Choreography: VALERIO LONGO
Original Score: Matteo Stocchino
Visual: Kalimera
From photographs by Bruno Cattani
Costume Design: Francesca Messori
Light Design: Carlo Cerri

The female world:
love, gentleness, intimacy,
Are these words enough to identify it?
No, they are not. Much more is needed.
Everything is written in the eyes and emerges through body language; they themselves and their movement will provide us with the alphabet needed to convey everything involved in “being” a woman.

Lenght: 20 minutes
Performance for 8 female dancers

Costumes realization: Sartoria Aterballetto- Francesca Messori e Nuvia Valestri

World premiere
Reggio Emilia, Fonderia, 30 April 2014

Vision Quest
Sabrina Raffaghello Gallery