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Rain Dogs // coreografia Johan Inger

Choreography JOHAN INGER
Music Tom Waits
Set and Costume design Johan Inger
Light Design Peter Lundin

The rain starts to fall.
A dog who has wandered outside his usual territory, driven by a desire to hunt out what lives far away and confident in his sense of smell, suddenly loses the scent of his homeward journey. The rain has washed away all traces of it.

This is the image that inspired RAIN DOGS, which represents those complexities and contradictions that characterise our relationship with the world and our relations with others.
When the search for a meaning loses all points of reference, uncertainty and disorientation seem to make it impossible to return home, to what was and is no more.
This is the moment when solitude and confusion manifest themselves in their most diverse forms; with irony and drama, with lightness or desperation.
The attempt to find one’s way in a sort of “slippery identity crisis” becomes an existential condition.

“I thought that if I succeeded in capturing even just a part of all this then I would perhaps succeed in doing what I wanted.”

RAIN DOGS represents the desire to tackle these common themes through alternative atmospheres and sensations. In fact, there is “an exotic character in Tom Waits that recalls the United States of Charles Bukowski. His voice captures a scent and colours that lead us - as listeners - to make many associations. I haven’t been literal in this work, but there is something extremely earthy yet also intellectual and acute in Tom Waits. I felt that his voice worked well with my movement and the world I imagined. I felt that his stories and rhythms were in keeping with my language and my idea. This is certainly not the first time I have processed themes such as solitude and relationships, but in this case music has permitted me to find “another way in”. I have worked on the same concepts but from the perspective of Tom Waits. Because of this it has not been at all difficult to connect music with dance.”

Restaged for Aterballetto
Reggio Emilia (Italy), Teatro Valli, 12 October 2013

Duration: 35’ - For 9 dancers


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