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Canto per Orfeo // coreografia Mauro Bigonzetti


Original music: Antongiulio Galeandro,  Cristina Vetrone
and with the collaboration of Lorella Monti*
Set, video and light design: Carlo Cerri
Costume design: Kristopher Millar & Lois Swandale

All music performed live by: Kitarodia
(Antongiulio Galeandro, Cristina Vetrone and Lorella Monti)

Canto per Orfeo is a song in the name of love but also a story of love.
It is a flight through the strong and ambiguous impulses which the fascination for a myth can still determine. Such works - continuously hovering between tragedy and comedy, between brutal and divine, between life and death – seem to hide the meaning of our existence. 
A journey through the underworld, in an attempt to retrieve his wife from the forces of death by means of music and poetry, gives life to an intimate and personal adventure, an adventure made of sounds, bodies and visions. But, when the vision arrives, the dream is broken.
Canto per Orfeo is an adventure, an attempt to explore the reasons of art. It induces to a confrontation with the mysterious forces that stir in human nature and, therefore, leads to an intimate work, we could almost say a “chamber” work, a Wunderkammer that collects all the mysteries of the soul.

Canto per Orfeo has a tripartite structure: the first part, which can almost be defined a “prologue”, is performed by a group of dancers. This is followed by a central pas de deux, the meeting between Orpheus and Eurydice, which leads to the final, the “exodus”, once again performed by a group.

Video realization: OOOPStudio

Costumes realization Sartoria Aterballetto
Giuseppina Carbosiero, Nuvia Valestri

* * with the exception of “Marinaresca” of  R.. De Simone (Ed: Universal Music Publishing Ricordi Srl)

Co-produced by:
Fondazione Nazionale della Danza, Stimmen Festival 2012 Lörrach (D)
and in collaboration with Fondazione I Teatri 

World premiere
Augst (Switzerland), Augusta Raurica Theatre, 3 August 2012