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workwithinwork // coreografia William Forsythe

Italian premiere for Aterballetto - 23th March 2013 - Teatro Valli - Reggio Emilia (Italy) 

Music: Luciano Berio, Duetti per due violini, vol. 1 (1979-83)
Stage/lighting: William Forsythe
Costumes: Stephen Galloway
Staged by Francesca Caroti and Allison Brown

From the opening moments of «workwithinwork» – the curtain rising upon a man curving his arms upward while his body angles away, the movement quickly picked up by the dancers behind him - a near-ceaseless flow of motion takes on a life of its own, an eddying and ebbing current that appears to shape the trajectories of those onstage to its will, governed by the haunting rhythms of Luciano Berio's "Duetti for two Violins, vol. 1 (1979-83)". Spare and austere in atmosphere, the ballet offers a detailed, musical rendering of apparently infinite extrapolations upon classical technique, while freeing the dancers from its conventional logic. Like many different possible conversations, a succession of beautiful duos - from a combative encounter between two men at the start of the work, circling one another with edgy athleticism, to a tender pas de deux in which a woman is swept through the air in arabesque with a slow, sculptural inevitability - forms the heart of the piece. Framed by and emerging from larger ensembles, these encounters are impersonal, but impassioned, an encountering of physical potentiality, movement emerging as if hewn from the air. Melting into and out of the blackness at the back of the stage, their groupings shifting with kaleidoscopic certainty, the dancers might be figments of the creative imagination of the anonymous man who sits, back to the audience, thoughtfully arranging the small objects that are projected upon a screen overhead.
(Roslyn Sulcas)

World Premiere
16 October 1998, Ballett Frankfurt