November in Fonderia

November in Fonderia

Tuesday 20 November h 20.30

An evening dedicated to two interesting choreographers of the Italian panorama supported by TIR Danza.
Nicola Galli (1990) creates De rerum natura for the dancers of the Balletto di Toscana Junior, inspired by the atomic theories of the namesake poem by Lucretius. The image of eternal movement feeds in the choreographic creation the movement desire of six bodies, linked by an underground thought that flows blood under the surface of the skin.
Manfredi Perego (1981), winner of the Premio GD’A – Giovane Danza d’Autore dell’Emilia-Romagna 2017, presents in Fonderia Geografie dell’istante, a female duet that shakes and pinches the geography of the soul. A brief moment is enough for the body to have a reaction. This resonates within a physical-emotional map that resides within each of us.

Wednesday 28 November

in partnership with Reggio Emilia Città senza Barriere

EXIT – Danzability | h 19.00

A trace of gestures that follow each other,
a mastery of the body and the other beyond the limits of everyone.
A spatial geography full of weight and gravity, a look in unison, a common breath to go together,
clear movements that are transmitted in one direction.
The only goal to reach is to go out !!!

The Company is the expression of a broader and ambitious network project for the training, production and distribution of integrated dance and choreographic research, which looks with care and attention to new generations, new audiences and action / fruition mechanisms overcoming cultural barriers.


Il Ballo – Teatro La Ribalta | h 20.30

Il Ballo is a theater – dance performance where the characters, prisoners in a room – a metaphor of the world – try to make sense of their life, this “puppet” or “pantomime” that are the empty and desperate lives. Prisoners of their habits and social conventions, of a physical and mental space, struggle to not go under the rules and the logic imposed on them. Prisoners not only of that physical space but also of the look that the “others” send them back, they look for an escape, a way to find their own subjectivity, their own history, intimate and exclusive. Their struggle is a tribute to human vulnerability, a song to the possibility of existing and becoming beauty and amazement.


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