Autumn 2019

Autumn 2019

We have reached the fifth season of dance in Fonderia!

For the autumn of 2019 there are several and various events scheduled that will involve our increasingly passionate audience and will bring new spectators to the world of dance and Fonderia.



The first appointment will be on Wednesday, September 18 at 18:00 with the open rehearsal of Aterballetto: it will be an excellent opportunity to meet after the summer break and discover some news of the autumn preview.

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6 are the dance performances that we have thought for this autumn in Fonderia.

Open rehearsals are unique moments in which it is possible to experience the backstage of a show, to dialogue with the artists and to be surprised by the art of dance.

All open rehearsals are approximately at h 18.00.

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From this autumn the experience in Fonderia will have a completely different flavor, thanks to the collaboration with Campagna Amica of Reggio Emilia.

  • Wednesday 2 and 30 October / Tuesday 26 November / Tuesday 3 December from 18.30 to 20.15

    Before the beginning of the shows you can taste the best local km 0 products.
    Each time it will be a new discovery between different tastes and scents, which together with dance will make your experience in Fonderia unique.

  • Saturday 7 December from 16.30 to 19.30*/ Sunday 8 December from 10.30 to 19.30*/ Saturday 21 December from 16.30 to 20.15

    Direct sale of agricultural and Italian products, wine and food proposals with the excellence of our territory, ancient games.
    *The service is suspended during the performance of Pollicino

  • Sunday 8 December 10.30 – 11.30 – 15.30 – 16.30

    For children of 5 years. Recommended booking at 335.1265976 by Friday, December 6 for preparation of materials.

Sunday 17 November – all day long

A unique opportunity to experience in an original way the world of the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto. A special day to meet in the spaces of Fonderia.

Show Tickets

Full: 9 euro

Reduced under 30, dance schools DanzaRe (Arcadia, Danzarte, Eidos Danza, Let’s Dance, Dance Project), Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa, over 65: 6 euro

youngERcard: 5 euro

Open Rehearsal Tickets

Full: 3 euro

Under 6, youngERcard: free

Pollicino Tickets (7 and 8 December)

6 euro for everyone

Fonderia Carnet

The best way to experience the shows in the Foundry

25 euro (valid for 5 shows or for more people in the same show)

Book and buy your tickets here!

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