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//Danza & Danza Award

Danza & Danza Award

We are very proud to announce that our  Philippe Kratz has won the Danza&Danza – Mario Bedendo 2019 “Best Choreographer” Award for choreographies composed in 2019 for Aterballetto.

The Jury of the Danza&Danza-Mario Bedendo Award is chaired by the director of Danza&Danza magazine Maria Luisa Buzzi and composed by the critics of the magazine Elisabetta Ceron, Giuseppe Distefano, Francesca Pedroni, Silvia Poletti, Sergio Trombetta and Carmelo A. Zapparrata.

The motivation for the award is as follows:

Philippe Kratz joined Aterballetto in 2008 to work with Mauro Bigonzetti. It was Cristina Bozzolini, however, who gave him the opportunity to try his hand at creation during the company’s workshops. The first Lettres d’amour (2012), on the relationship between Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir immediately reveals a remarkable sensitivity in evoking moods and feelings through pure dance. It is then with L’eco dell’acqua, 2015, that Kratz shows a firm hand in creating clear choreographic structures full of emotional nuances. His work soon attracted attention abroad as well: in 2017, the SentIERI trio restaged for the Wiener Staatsballett; in 2018 “O” won the Choreographic Competition in Hannover. With cloud/materia, again for Aterballetto, the idea of an author who masters the structure and knows how to fill it with emotional content, always outlined with elegance and sobriety, is reinforced.

The prize list with all the winners of the year is announced in the January/February 2020 issue of Danza&Danza and Danza&Danza International (English language) and on the website.

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