Don Juan – to the premiere

Don Juan – to the premiere

After the summer break we returned to our Fonderia.

The 2020/2021 season starts with the long-awaited debut of Don Juan, Johan Inger‘s new production for all sixteen dancers in the company.

The performance is born from Inger’s desire to “face” Don Juan/Don Giovanni, an ancient and still contemporary, truly paradigmatic myth.

My Don Juan carries a trauma that shaped him into his questionable behaviour. He is unable to commit and can only find satisfaction in the moment. He has a very addictive personality. Does Don Juan reflect on his actions? This is where Leo comes into our concept, he contradicts Don Juan and through him, we have tried to create a mirror.- Johan Inger

This Don Juan features all the characters of the story, from Doña Elvira to Doña Ana to Zerlina and Masetto. Inger especially interprets Leporello and the Commendatore in an original way. Leporello is no longer the servant of Don Giovanni, but represents another aspect of his persona, thus transposing on stage the dichotomy freedom/sense of guilt.
The figure of the Commendatore, on the other hand, is transposed into Don Juan’s mother, thus adding a psychoanalytic and Freudian perspective. Every time Don Juan, the “serial lover” encounters a woman he is actually looking for his mother and for this reason he cannot truly commit to any relationship.

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