Dance on Screen – last episode

//Dance on Screen – last episode

Dance on Screen – last episode

An original creation that always wonders the beholder.
An interweaving of imagination, dream and pure poetry.

Kiss&Cry concludes Dance on Screen, the video dance column in partnership of Numeridanse.

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“Kiss & Cry” is a performance of hands, a dance of fingers, knuckles and wrists, filmed and projected live; but the audience also witnesses the meticulous, uninterrupted and hand-crafted composition of the “theatrical set” that the screen returns to the audience in large size.

The story is a ballad, ironic and dramatically romantic, about the loves experienced by Gisèlle, a woman and child “who does not love the world and who knows that the world does not love her”, narrated literally “in four hands”: the fingers of the dancers then turn into bodies, the veins in the palms and the nerves in the joints become the facial muscles of imagined faces, of tense dancers who delicately and violently touch and touch each other against miniaturised backgrounds like dolls’ houses, so dense with detail as to recall the paintings of French Pointillism.

Vittoria Lombardi, Krapp’s Last Post

With this column we wanted our audience to discover different artistic visions and to become more and more passionate about the multiform language of dance, despite the closed theatres.

12 episodes that you can watch again at any time here.

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