Introducing our new dancers

//Introducing our new dancers

Introducing our new dancers

5 new dancers joined Aterballetto for the season 2021-2022.

At the end of last season Philippe Kratz, Roberto Tedesco and Adrien Delépine left the company, today we are welcoming three new dancers Jamal Uhlmann, Matteo Fiorani and Leonardo Farina, who are already working on all the productions of the season.

The first performances involving them are MicroDanze in Athens on 9 and 10 October and Don Juan in Ludwigsburg on 16 and 17 October.
We have to wait until November to see them for the first time in Italy and Reggio Emilia.
Aterballetto will perform Don Juan in Rome from 4 to 7 November and it will be at Palazzo da Mosto in Reggio Emilia on 12, 13 and 14 November, as part of the exhibition Orizzonti del Corpo (Horizons of the Body), an innovative dialogue between dance and visual arts developed through the collaboration between Fondazione Palazzo Magnani and Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto.

This year, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto also offers two very young dancers the opportunity to join the company as interns.
Arianna Ganassi and Angelo Antonio Tafuni will take part both in the company’s performances and in the new productions.
It will certainly be for them a great professional and formative experience to learn about Aterballetto’s repertoire.

At the beginning of October Arianna and Antonio are travelling to Athens with the company and on 9 and 10 October they will perform in the MicroDanza Eppur si muove by Francesca Lattuada.


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