A new series by FND/Aterballetto curated by Nicolas Ballario.


What is behind a performance of Aterballetto? What happens in the rooms of the Fonderia in Reggio Emilia?

Before the lockdown, our audience could discover the daily work of dancers and choreographers by attending the open rehearsals of the company.

Now our fans, and not only those from Reggio Emilia but from every city will be able to enter the universe of Aterballetto with PROVE IN CORSO, our first series of four episodes curated by Nicolas Ballario: one of the most appreciated journalists of contemporary art who, thanks to his unique verve and extraordinary competence, is bringing everyone closer to the art world with his broadcasts on Sky Arte and RadioUnoRai.

Together with Ballario we enter the world of the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto. Between hilarious encounters, ironic scenes involving people who work at the Fonderia every day, and dancing moments, in four episodes directed by Fabrizio Spucches, we will discover the secrets of the company and the backstage of the shows, in a way never told before.

PROVE IN CORSO will be broadcast on the platform.

In the first episode, scheduled on Friday 26th November at 9 p.m. (available until 28th November at 12 p.m.), we will be seduced by the amazing Don Juan by Johan Inger, a choreography inspired by the myth of Don Giovanni.

On Friday 3 December at 9 p.m. (available until 5th December at 12 p.m.), the second episode is focused on the rehearsals of the creations by Philippe Kratz and Diego Tortelli that are part of the evening Storie.

On Friday 10 December at 9 p.m. (available until 12th December at 12 p.m.) comes the third episode with MicroDanze by Fernando Melo, Norge Cedeño Raffo, Francesca Lattuada and Ina Lesnakowski.

In the last episode, on Friday 17 December at 9 p.m. (available until 19th December at 12 p.m.), the Israeli choreographer Eyal Dadon will show us the work in progress of his new creation for the company, which will debut in April 2022.

PROVE IN CORSO is supported by the Ministry of Culture / Special Projects 2021.

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