March on tour

March on tour

In March Aterballetto dances Don Juan and the triple bill Dreamers #1 on tour.
Ludwigshafen, Rimini, Thonon-les-Bains, Meudon, Massy: here we bring our dance.

Don Juan by Johan Inger

The Swedish choreographer gives a new psychological interpretation to the Don Juan story and creates for Aterballetto a dance that explores the inner worlds of all the characters of the story.

Dreamers #1

Secus by Ohad Naharin,
“O” by Philippe Kratz
BLISS by Johan Inger.

Dreamers #1 offers a unique opportunity to admire the company through shades of contrast, from the joyful concert in dance by Johan Inger to the unstoppable and hypnotic rhythm of Philippe Kratz, to vigorous rituality of Ohad Naharin.

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