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Norge Cedeño Raffo (1987) was principal dancer for ten years at Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, the first contemporary dance company in Havana (1959) to combine the American-influenced contemporary style with an Afro-Cuban style and Cuban tradition. He is currently choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the company OtroLado. He stands out on the national creative scene for his quality and long list of awards, including the Premio Villanueva de la Crítica (2019) and the Distinción por la Cultura Nacional (2018).
He was a finalist in the 33rd International Choreography Competition in Hannover (2019), and a winner on several occasions of the Ramiro Guerra Prize in Interpretación Masculina, awarded by the Hermanos Saíz Association (Cuba). In 2019 he was invited to create a short choreography for some dancers from Gauthier Dance // Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart for the Meet the Talents showcase within the Colours Dance Festival.

For Aterballetto he created Stabat Mater (2021) and, within MicroDanze, Inside (2021)