Liceo Artistico Gaetano Chierici

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Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto collaborates with the Liceo Artistico ‘Gaetano Chierici’ on Indizi sul corpo (Clues about the body), a philosophy project designed by school teacher Mariarosaria Pranzitelli, which seeks to shift the focus back on the body and its fragility, and its archaeological rather than “spectacular” display.

Aterballetto through the eyes of the Liceo Chierici
Photography workshop

On 13 April 2018, at the Fonderia, we had the opportunity to admire the interesting photos taken by the students in form 4E of the Liceo ‘Chierici’ High-School depicting the dancers of the Aterballetto dance company.

The 25 youths spent a whole morning with Aterballetto, experiencing and capturing the dancers’ ephemeral movements with their cameras. They were also fortunate because they not only saw the company’s backstage but also had the chance to watch the rehearsals of the re-staging of Jiří Kylián’s masterpiece Sarabande overseen by his assistant.

A small project to educate a new generation of dance spectators and nurture the talent of today’s youth.

The exhibit was curated by the school teacher Francesco Costabile.

The students produced some very evocative texts on the photos, which can be read on the website