Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa

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Fondazione Nazionale della Danza has a partnership agreement with the Liceo Coreutico ‘Matilde da Canossa’ High-School in Reggio Emilia.

One of the initiatives included within the agreement is Da uno studio ad una performance (From a study to a performance), a performance-based project on the art of choreography designed to provide students with the tools for working on the creative alchemies and the technical choices that often influence the creative process.

Arturo Cannistrà works with the students in the spaces of the Fonderia and creates a choreography for them that will be featured in the programme of the end-of-year show.

Il volto nascosto (THE HIDDEN FACE)

We set out on a journey of discovery of our city, our roots, the street corners and the neighbourhoods we have passed by so many times, absent-mindedly and thinking about other things, without realizing their historical significance, their deeper meaning and the ideas they can evoke. Feeling the soul of the city means immersing ourselves in the old town centre and discovering the stories and legends connected with places, and monuments that come alive, become humanized and transform their institutional face.

Viviana Sassi

The project involved twelve two-hour meetings, and staging and delivering the final performance – after school hours – in the spaces of the Fonderia. I

Performance: 7 June 2018, Teatro Ariosto – Reggio Emilia