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The young XL Dance Company directed by Emanuela Baratin and Laura Matano, returns to the Fonderia with the triptych Ad Eva by Roberto Tedesco, Dora by Laura Matano and Seamless by Sabrina Rigoni.

Ideazione e coreografia: Roberto Tedesco
Interpreti: Diletta Antolini, Melissa Bortolotti, Noemi Garofalo, Linda Pasquini
Disegno Luci: Gessica Germini
Musica: autori vari

Durata 18′

Etimologicamente la madre dei viventi, lei che ha scelto la vita.
Non peccato ma virtù originale: alla paura ha preferito la curiosità, all’obbedienza la scoperta.
Precorritrice di libertà, anticipatrice di indipendenza, colei che ci ha insegnato che chi cerca vive in eterno.
Storia nuda, madre sana, sorella coraggiosa, al suo gesto hanno abbinato il buio, ma dove fu veramente il torto?
Oggi siamo lei e il nostro corpo libero racconta una storia che continua sulla sua traccia.
Omaggio facciamo Ad Eva.

Ideazione e coreografia: Laura Matano
Interprete: Chiara Riva
Disegno Luci: Gessica Germini
Scenografia: Cinzia Macis
Musica: autori vari

Ci attraversano o ci camminano di fianco oppure interrompono i nostri respiri quando passano oltre i loro.
Anime pure che non hanno bisogno di stare a terra.

Concept and choreography Sabrina Rigoni
Performers Diletta Antolini, Sara Ariotti, Melissa Bortolotti, Noemi Garofalo, Carlotta Serafini
Lighting design Gessica Germini
Music various authors

Duration 20′

Solution. From Latin solutiònem, past participle of the verb sòlvere. To dissolve, dissolution. In its figurative meaning: breaking or stopping.
Words, if you know how to read them, can always tell you something about the life flow we are all in. The search for the perfect solution is endless: ‘Get us out of the problem!’ the crowd shouts.
A beginning is certainly not followed by an end, and this impossible contact may represent the possibility of crossing a border: mental, parabolic, hyperbolic. Move away from the extreme nature of your “black or white”, immerse yourself in the river and keep swimming, look around and learn with others.

A solution is not the final step towards your happiness, try to find the way to bring the people you care about back together. Gestures, nods, emotions flow from you to the others. In order to move forward, you have to be driven by your desire to discover more. Swim. Seamlessly.


It was born in Reggio Emilia under the artistic direction of Emanuela Baratin and Laura Matano.

The aim of the dance company is to create performances by circulating choreographers and international realities. In XL Dance Company, the movement, the body, the gestures become matter and surface for the individual and collective expression, instruments of choreographic experimentation through methods and techniques supporting a creativity born from intuitions, resonances and perceptions. The productions reflect the DNA of XL Dance Company, which makes contamination between styles its distinctive feature. Open to innovation, the dancers perform in important national and international festivals and theatres.


Full price: 9 euro
Reduced under 30, dance schools, Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa, over 65, members of CRAL Municipality of Reggio Emilia: 6 euro
Reduced under 8: 3 euro

Due to anti-Covid regulations, tickets can only be purchased online at www.biglietteriafonderia39.it.
Therefore, tickets cannot be booked by phone or e-mail.

The box office service in the Fonderia is suspended.

Tickets are not numbered.


You can enter the Fonderia 15 minutes before the performance, showing your online purchase.
At the entrance, the temperature will be tested, and access will be denied if the temperature exceeds 37.5°C. In accordance with the latest legislative decree on anti-COVID regulations, access to the Fonderia is only permitted to spectators with a valid Super Green Pass and an Ffp2 mask. This provision does not apply to persons under 12 years of age or to persons exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification issued according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health.
Control staff are obliged to check this certification upon entry.
The public is required to wear an Ffp2 type mask correctly for the duration of the event.