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Antitesi – Secus


Aterballetto dances at Teatro Fabbri in Forlì a double bill signed by Andonis Foniadakis and Johan Inger.

Antitesi by Andonis Foniadakis embodies the will of the choreographer to bring into play the opposites: local and global, slow and fast, male and female, abstract and concrete; it feeds on ancient and current, in the spirit of the “all present in real time” that distinguishes our lives in this millennium dense, fast, ready to break all the schemes, but never giving up the past.

Secus is a creation by Ohad Naharin that boasts a musical collage that extends from the unusual electronic styles of AGF to the seductive Indian melodies of Kaho Naa Pyar Hai to the resonant harmonies of the Beach Boys. This adventurously eclectic mix serves as a suitable backdrop for the boldly extravagant choreography. Joy, vulnerability, fear, innocence, confusion and anger weave a harmonious and dynamic canvas that oscillates between delicacy and exaggeration.