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Bayadère. Il regno delle ombre

NuovO BallettO di ToscanA – Bayadère. Il regno delle ombre

A contemporary Bayadère, light years away from the exoticism, the Brahmins and Pashas of the nineteenth-century archetype designed by Marius Petipa to the music by Ludwig Minkus. Michele Di Stefano captures the timelessness of the ‘classic’ in Act III of Bayadère, the so-called Kingdom of Shadows, where the impalpable souls that appeared in a dream to the warrior Solor after smoking a hookah descend in arabesques penchées the slopes of the Himalayas.

An enchanting vision, a white act of amazement that is now translated into a psychedelic and contemporary vision but always with Minkus accompanying it.



Ballet in one act for 12 dancers

Choreography Michele Di Stefano
Music Ludwig Minkus
Original music composition Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Costume design Santi Rinciari
Lighting design Giulia Broggi

Compagnia Nuovo BallettO di ToscanA
Dancers Lisa Cadeddu, Matteo Capetola, Francesca Capurso, Carmine Catalano, Beatrice Ciattini, Matilde Di Ciolo, Roberto Doveri, Veronica Galdo, Aisha Narciso, Aldo Nolli, Niccolò Poggini, Paolo Rizzo

Artistic Director Cristina Bozzolini
Maitre de Ballet Sabrina Vitangeli
Production manager Serena Roberti
Technical and stage director Saverio Cona
Dressmaker Chiara Fontanella
Lighting technicians Luca Cittadoni, Luisa Giusti

with the support of Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni


Bayadère is a ballet steeped in idealised exoticism, both in its melodramatic plot and in its overall aesthetic.
Traditionally its most famous scene, the Kingdom of Shadows, is borderline on the boundary between the real and the afterlife, where the shadows that appear are as if frozen in their tragic condition and the movements they make are ritualistic; the act expresses a vision that goes beyond the context and opens up a passage of pure movement, abstract and lucid in its formal simplicity.

My interest lies precisely in the compositional potential that this scene contains, not to replicate it but to unleash all its dynamic force and also to give Solor’s hallucination back its true psychedelic nature. Conceived for an ensemble of very young talents, this new Kingdom of Shadows, so mysteriously full of suggestions, belongs to the exceptional times we are living, because it refers to something lost and something possible at the same time, something that concerns the presence of bodies and the interweaving of their trajectories, in a space that is no longer just a beyond but a present that wants to be reinvented with grace and passion.

Michele Di Stefano

The Compagnia Professionale Nuovo Balletto di Toscana, now managed by the new cultural association ‘Balletto di Toscana’, has been a significant presence in the news and history of Italian dance since 1970.

It has always been animated by the commitment, skills and passion of its leader Cristina Bozzolini, first with the ‘Collettivo Danza Contemporanea’ (Contemporary Dance Collective), then with the experience of the professional company of the Balletto di Toscana, which for fifteen years, from 1985 to 2000, became a major presence of outstanding excellence on the international scene, and finally with the operation of its own youth ensemble, the ‘Junior BdT’, which in the last ten years has been able to conquer the stages of many prestigious Italian theatres.

The Nuovo BdT is now a rigorously professional production structure, supported by the MIC, the Region of Tuscany and the Municipality of Florence, with a medium-sized artistic company of 12/14 dancers, in accordance with the most significant and qualified experiences of professional companies.

The current artistic programme, thanks also to a team of collaborators and authors of renowned reputation, alongside Cristina Bozzolini, recalls a constant and coherent cultural policy with the affirmation of the primacy of contemporary choreography, with a plurality of expressive languages. In the past years the authors of great relevance have been Fabrizio Monteverde, Mauro Bigonzetti, Virgilio Sieni, Cristina Rizzo, and later Eugenio Scigliano, Arianna Benedetti, Davide Bombana, Nicola Galli, Diego Tortelli.

Full price: 9 euro
Reduced price under 30, dance schools, Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa, over 65: 6 euro
Under 8: free

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