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BLISS / Secus


Aterballetto dances at the Teatro Toniolo in Mestre BLISS/Secus: the perfect  evening to admire the versatility of the 16 dancers of Aterballetto, the only Italian company to have in its repertoire two of the most intense and acclaimed choreographers on the international scene.

The curtain opens on the light of BLISS, a masterpiece by Johan Inger to the notes of Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert.
BLISS is a dance that emanates happiness and above all life. A joy for the performers, who surrender to the music without any resistance, and for the public, who can admire the maturity and skill of each dancer.

Secus is a creation by Ohad Naharin that boasts a musical collage that extends from the unusual electronic styles of AGF to the seductive Indian melodies of Kaho Naa Pyar Hai to the resonant harmonies of the Beach Boys. This adventurously eclectic mix serves as a suitable backdrop for the boldly extravagant choreography. Under our unbelieving eyes, we compose a human alphabet made up of races, solos, clear and clean gestures, interrupted duets, which, through precise and sudden kicks, sinuous disarticulations of the hips, torsos that bend in all directions like rubber to be shaped, expresses pure emotions and feelings without becoming sentimental. Joy, vulnerability, fear, innocence, confusion and anger weave a harmonious and dynamic canvas that oscillates between delicacy and exaggeration.