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Concerto Fisico

Concerto Fisico è una partitura fisica e vocale che ripercorre e ridisegna la storia di Balletto Civile, la storia della  compagnia nata all’interno dell’ex Ospedale Psichiatrico di Udine.


Concept and choreography Michela Lucenti
Created and performed by Michela Lucenti
Assistant to the creation Maurizio Camilli
Live sound design Tiziano Scali and Maurizio Camilli
Production Balletto Civile and Festival Resistere e Creare

To know you alive is to feel the planet crumble beneath you, to soar kicking try to throw yourself off while you cling to the edge, is to ride the planet like a log in the direction of the current, screaming.
Anne Dillard

I always sang in shows even when my dancing was furious. The body, my gestures are the map of what I feel and singing is my vehicle to keep me alive.

Concerto Fisico is a composition for physical and vocal instrument, a twisted and crooked greatest hits that has nothing nostalgic to tell the story of a group through the stories it has become a vehicle. A juke-box that awakens the emotional accents of a memory that is still the present, of how we transformed ourselves, of the sand from which we emerged, of the Creatures, of the wooden horses built for Troy, of the fire extinguishers thrown in the dark, of the sea of milk where Woyzeck and Andres talk about the void, of Desdemona’s desperate scream, of what happened to Thebes, of the Resistance, of the struggle and of the Revolution, of how in the end the Evil Lambs are all of us, of the mirrored floor and an orange rope, of the power and heavy coats of 1918, of stuffed foxes and sexual seasons, of death and a Brazilian with a green plume, of a small white dog, of taboos, of plastic ducks and Kenyan acrobats, of firemen and priests, of an accident and a gas station, of a radio and a city always on fire, of why things happen. Then everything disappears, sucked into the eyes, as if it never existed.

Concerto Fisico is a musical tale for actions that retraces and redraws the history of Balletto Civile, that is, my own, the history of my company. It was founded during a long artistic residence inside the former Psychiatric Hospital of Udine, one of the centres where Basaglia revolutionized the concept of madness. My art was born in that place, isolated from the world and at the same time in the centre of its burning fire.

Michela Lucenti

A nomadic group by definition, animated by a strong ethical tension, Balletto Civile was founded in 2003 by Michela Lucenti. The creative approach is a research based on movement that emerges from the deep scenic relationship between the artists. It works on a total language where theatre, dance and original singing interact naturally.