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Aterballetto dances in Rome, within Fuori Programma Festival.

On scene Corpi/Bodies, evening composed of works by Diego Tortelli, our resident choreographer.

The evening will be opened by Diego Tortelli himself, who together with the complicity of Gaia Clotilde Chernetich, dramaturg and dance researcher, will tell the audience how a creative idea can be transformed into dance. The choreographer will show live, in a simple and engaging way, the creative process of a choreography, accompanied by Aterballetto dancer Sandra Salietti Aguilera.

To follow MAUDIT Reloaded, Sonata in trio, Another Story, Preludio.


Choreography Diego Tortelli
Music Spiritualized (Rated X)
Dancer Sandra Salietti Aguilera

Duration 6’

Choreography created for Grace Lyell with the projetc In/Finito


The life of our city is full of poetic and marvellous subjects. We are wrapped and enveloped in an atmosphere that has much that is wonderful, but we aren’t aware of it.
Don’t disregard anyone’s sensitivity. Each person’s sensitivity is their genius.

Charles Baudelaire

Using a fragmented movement a dancer wants to tell the tragedy and constant innovation of the Body, a dance that doesn’t wait for time to flow, but shapes it at its will by speeding up and slowing the hours to reveal their skill, beauty, distortion and memory. Freedom of corporal expression of this poetic is achieved by a total embrace of the body’s folly just as the “maudit” deals with his place in society by destroying every rational connection before letting his own experience take over, without constraints. The dancer will face the reflection of her image portrayed in the photograph, breathing life, folly and imagination into the place where her portrait was made and constantly recreating herself and providing the city with a body and a sensitivity as it too is a poetical and marvellous subject.

Diego Tortelli

Choreography Diego Tortelli
Music Eugène Ysaye, Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, ambienti sonori di Colombo Taccani
Dancers Saul Daniele Ardillo, Martina Forioso, Clément Haenen

Duration 8’

FND/Aterballetto – Sonata in trio – ph. Celeste Lombardi

Choreography Diego Tortelli
Music Spiritualized
Music consultant Federico Bigonzetti
Lighting design Carlo Cerri
Dancers Ina Lesnakowski, Hélias Tur-Dorvault

Duration 13’

Another story wants to tell the new story of the most feared and at the same time desired gesture of 2020, suffering from a global epidemic: the hug.
A gesture as simple as a hug has now been reinvented by adding infinite variations to its most basic meaning, transforming itself into the most hidden desire and, on the other side, into an almost “terrorist” act, without losing its deep meaning of actual carnal sharing.

Another story thus becomes a solitary hug, a shared hug, a violent, painful, tiring and also desired, hidden, intimate, idolised hug… the only prediction we cannot rely on is how this simple gesture will continue its mutation; what choreographer Diego Tortelli intends to do is to write another story for it to be felt and watched by both performer and spectator.

Choreography Diego Tortelli
Music Nick Cave
Lighting design Carlo Cerri
Assistant to the choreographer Casia Vengoechea
Dancers Clément Haenen, Ivana Mastroviti, Sandra Salietti Aguilera, Roberto Tedesco, Hélias Tur-Dorvault

Duration 18’

PRELUDIO is a creation for 5 performers designed around some of the most intense songs by Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave, one of the greatest exponents of Post Punk.
In his songs, Cave explores the interplay of themes such as love, “belief”, addiction, obsession and loss, crossing over each other as if he were telling a story, an experience that can be perceived by everyone through his use of notes or tone of voice. His strength is that it is not essential to fully understand the content or the source of inspiration in order to ‘hear’ and ‘be heard’. Through his work, Cave argues that we should not go to the theatre, to a concert, to a museum, in order to understand, but in order to ask questions and to enrich ourselves, to analyse ourselves.

In one of his pieces I found the question I wanted to ask myself for this creation: MAH SANCTUM (my belief).

What do I believe in? I believe in the ‘body’, I believe in its fragility and strength, in its limitation and expansion, in its capacity for change and constant transformation, I believe in its contemporaneity, but also in its capacity to continue to feel those emotions that have been handed down to us; I believe in its violent beauty and frightening fragility. In this work I research above all on these obsessions, compulsions, addictions, contrasts, transforming the bodies of the five dancers not into men and women, but into emotional impulses; impulses that are part of written poems of which it would be enough to understand that they do not end there on the stage.

PRELUDIO is my profane prayer, my love letter to the body, my credo for today.

Diego Tortelli