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XL Dance Company – “Prima di domani” – ph. Elena Bianchi

The young XL Dance Company, directed by Emanuela Baratin and Laura Matano, previews Drop, the new creation by Laura Matano.

From an idea by Laura Matano
Choreography: Laura Matano
Musical collaborator: Marco Giacomelli
Concept and lyrics: Mariagrazia Ferro
Set design: Cinzia Macis

Knowledge is only possible by differentiation, at least in order to share it and be understood, it is mostly necessary to affirm that something is not something else.
Undeniable, even a little frustrating, is the presence of an internal dichotomy within the human being, let us say biological, which makes the double a moment of synthesis but also of contrast.
The double takes on a symbolic value from scientific and objective observation. The double nature can be interpreted in a dissociative key, of splitting or, at the same time, as a defence and synthesis mechanism.

The double is a fetish that embodies how we are made and how far we can think and think about ourselves.

The choreography is designed to be performed by three female and three male dancers.
The entire production consists of three acts that can also be staged independently. ACT I -female-, ACT II -male-, ACT III -mixed.

Act I and Act II will differ only in the execution of the choreography by the two groups of dancers. There will be no change in the choreographic structure, which will remain identical; what will change is the mode of execution, since one act will be performed by female dancers and the other by male dancers.

Act III constitutes the moment of synthesis in which the above-mentioned differences are resolved and renewed and will have its own choreography.

It was born in Reggio Emilia under the artistic direction of Emanuela Baratin and Laura Matano.

The aim of the dance company is to create performances by circulating choreographers and international realities. In XL Dance Company, the movement, the body, the gestures become matter and surface for the individual and collective expression, instruments of choreographic experimentation through methods and techniques supporting a creativity born from intuitions, resonances and perceptions. The productions reflect the DNA of XL Dance Company, which makes contamination between styles its distinctive feature. Open to innovation, the dancers perform in important national and international festivals and theatres.


Full: 3 euro
Under 6: free


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