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E.sperimenti Dance Company


Convergenze si configura in un astratto quanto coinvolgente ed energetico rapporto tra la musica elettronica ed il suolo, la luce ed il ritmo, la potenza e la gioia della dinamica.


Dancers E.sperimenti Dance Company
Choreographies Federica Galimberti
Music AVV ed elaborazioni elettroniche
Costumes Noemi Intino
Light design EDC

Production by gruppodanzaoggi di Patrizia Salvatori

Light and shadow, shadow and light … the alternation of them is marked by the life of the human being, always: an ancestral rhythm that awakens the atavistic animal within each of us and rediscovers the overwhelming strength of the male in harmony with nature, in its fragility before the greatness of it.

CONVERGENZE highlights the division of the human soul between reason and instinct found in tribality, in the rediscovery of the roots inherent in the rhythm of the ‘earth’, as in the flight of the free animal, beautiful of a pure beauty because naturally wild, in harmony with Nature.
Interesting is the creation by Federica Galimberti, who writes a very personal language, pulsating, new, contaminated in the charm of light and darkness.
The interaction with space develops in an abstract and visionary way from which pure forms of light that divide and reflect, composing spaces in the imagination of the viewer come to life.

A primordial rhythm that materializes in a physical dance, on the ground, in the extreme challenge of themselves and the other in an abstract yet engaging and energetic relationship between electronic music and the ground, light and rhythm, the power of male dance and the joy of dynamics. A conscious and precise choice that the choreographer makes to configure this theme with an all-male ensemble, of great scenic impact, but also capable of expressing the infinite fragility in front of the immense. And the representation of themes so ancient, yet so contemporary, fascinates giving life to a very convincing piece.


E.espimenti gdo Dance Company, the leading company of GDO, is a sparkling ensemble with the most diverse dynamics and styles ranging from breakin’ to contemporary, from modern to floorwork, from dance theatre to acrobatics. It expresses a contaminated, engaging, ingenious language ready to ‘smile’ in all its artistic expression.

The components are performers of different backgrounds and experiences that maintain their individuality, but they are one when they work together. This effervescent Italian excellence ‘under 35’, generous and innovative artistically conveys the ‘made in Italy’ across the border with honor.

In the last five years its performers have been present abroad for the Year of Italian Culture in Brazil, the United States, Russia and again in Thailand, Jordan, Palestine as well as, in 2012, at the EXPO in Yeosu for the Ceremony of handover in Milan 2015.

A precious alchemy distinguishes each performance of this particular Company that with ease and talent contaminates techniques and languages, appropriating them to generate its own, convincing, ‘true’ and thus draws a new stylistic geography, which expresses its moments of experimentation, research, creation, with theatricality and extreme attention to convey the message with refinement, good taste, genius and especially the inevitable irony that characterizes them in the drama.

An intelligent and convincing design operation that attracts and retains the public.