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Euripides Laskaridis

Defined by critics as burlesque, comic, crazy, explosive and at the same time poetic, the Greek artist Euripides Laskaridis is fascinated by the notions of transformation and ridicule, directly related to the instability that his country is going through, in an attempt to explore the perseverance of humanity in the face of the unknown and the unknown.

The body of the performer, deformed, corrupted in its own form, together with the language and gestures outside of any canon, represents the disharmony of the present society: through dance, the body becomes the instrument through which to convey a message of denunciation of the present society that, although it grows in wealth, services, and new opportunities, presents all its degree of corruption in the constant persistence of social and economic inequalities.

After four intense days of masterclasses with the dancers of the Agora Coaching Project, Euripides Laskaridis meets the public in the Fonderia in an open rehearsal, creating a dialogue between movement and words.

The open rehearsal of Euripides Laskaridis is part of the Return Trip project, supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Euripides Laskaridis will be with his Titans in the summer program of the Teatro Sociale of Brescia, partner of the project Return Trip, June 28.