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Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

A contemporary staging for one of the most celebrated Baroque masterpieces by Claudio Monteverdi. A 17th-century madrigal in performance form inspired by the text La Gerusalemme liberata by Torquato Tasso. On stage the baroque mezzo-soprano Chiara Osella narrates the epic tale from the sad epilogue of the two young warrior lovers Tancredi and Clorinda, physically interpreted by the two German performers Lisa Hofmann and Luzi Madrid Villaneuva (twobetween).

A project born from an idea of Maestro Marcello Panni and from the collaboration with ‘Bologna Festival’, ‘Ferrara Musica’ and ‘IUC-Università La sapienza’ in Rome, featuring the choreographic creation by Carlo Massari.

The performance is within the summer festival DANZA AI CHIOSTRI curated by Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto and Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia.


Original creation: Carlo Massari
Performers: Lisa Hofmann and Luzi Madrid Villaneuva
Sung voice: Chiara Osella (mezzo-soprano)
Choreographic collaboration: Emanuele Rosa
Texts by Torquato Tasso
Original composition: Claudio Monteverdi
Transcription: Luciano Berio
Musical Consultancy: M°Marcello Panni
Production: C&C Company

First performance 2021 Bologna Festival – Ferrara Musica – IUC

Duration: 30′

A project for the creation and development of an artistic language directed towards a physical and dramaturgical investigation, in close relation with contemporary social issues, it is characterised by constant research free of superstructures, and is interested in the depth of interpersonal relationships, with the aim of bringing ‘truth’ to the stage through a profoundly physical language that allows the spectator to feel represented in its universality. Founded in 2011, the Company denotes a strong vocation for cross-over and hybridity in the use of dance in relation to other contemporary performance codes, consolidating to date as an “amphibious” creative identity.
Among the numerous productions, the most recent are Beast without Beauty, Les Miserables and A peso morto, which boast international recognition and touring. There are recurring creations that involve communities, in a dialogue that enhances the artistic project: a search for relational truth combined with a total imaginative openness capable of bringing the audience closer to the theatrical experience. In 2020, C&C and its founder Carlo Massari won CollaborAction# / Rete AnticorpiXL with the project RIGHT.

The performance takes place at the Chiostro Piccolo of the Chiostri di San Pietro complex.

Single seat 5 €.

The performances at the Chiostro Piccolo entitle you to a reduction on the tickets for the performances of the review DANZA AI CHIOSTRI at the Chiostro grande: reduced ticket at € 8 instead of € 10

info@aterballetto.it / 0522 273016 / 334 1023554 (Whatsapp)

Online www.biglietteriafonderia39.it
At the Chiostri San Pietro: from one hour before the start of the performance