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La stella nascosta

La stella nascosta, our dance performance for children, is at Teatro Diego Fabbri in Forlì within Colpi di Scena, Biennale of contemporary theater for children and young people.

La stella nascosta is the result of a long process of artistic and pedagogical research on the dialogue between the world of childhood and the languages of contemporary dance. La stella nascosta is a performance with 4 young dancers selected specifically for this choreography, which accompany children and adults on a journey of discovery of beauty outside the canons and media clichés. Saul Daniele Ardillo worked for over a year with playwright Simone Giorgi and an extraordinary team of Reggio Children and Scuole e Nidi d’Infanzia – Istituzione del Comune di Reggio Emilia (scientific partners of the research process), measuring himself with the experience of Accademia Perduta | Romagna Teatri (co-producer) and especially with the gaze and creativity of children’s classes.