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Les Miserables – Open rehearsal


Ladies and Gentlemen! Consider the creature as God first made it; nothing, just nothing. Add civilization and see what you’ve got: walks upright, wears trousers and carries a cane. It’s all education, he’s got animal brains, or rather: brainy animality, he’s not the pig-stupid sort like some people … The monkey’s already a soldier, though that’s not saying much-the bottom-most species of human kind!

Woyzeck – Georg Büchner



Fondazione Nazionale della Danza informs, according to the DPCM of March 4th, 2020, on “Measures to combat and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus on the entire national territory”, being evidently of absolute inapplicability the possibility to allow places of theatrical performance to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter, the SUSPENSION until April 3rd of all activities scheduled in its spaces.


Choreography: Carlo Massari
Dancers: Carlo Massari, Alice Monti, Stefano Roveda, Nicola Stasi
Vocal Coaching: Chiara Osella

Production: C&C Company
Co-production: Triangolo Scaleno/Glass Theatres; Festival Danza in Rete Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza; Festival Oriente Occidente/CID Centro Internazionale della Danza
With the support of Teatro Akropolis/Project CURA

A ruthless and immoral fresco on today, a middle-class contemporary drama at times familiar, resonates, we are “involuntarily” complicit in it. An overview of stereotypes, of already seen, already said, acted upon. The little theatre of human misery: body and voice at the service of a painful chorus that echoes “The Frogs” by Aristophanes, or perhaps an operetta by Offenbach, or the famous Brechtian “Opera”. Staticity and immobility in response to the imminent, evident collapse (physical, political, social, environmental…). We can’t do anything about it, too late, game over; we watch helplessly, we take note of it, we shrug, sigh and turn around again.

In the question “what is happening around us?” lies the genesis of this creation: a deepening of the international current affairs and the search for connections between the present forms of protest – rarely based on the idea of human evolution and revolution – and the historical Enlightenment (enlightened) vision, which puts Culture and Art at the centre of change.
A creation that once again leads the Company to investigate contemporary social issues, through an amphibious language of strong impact and a complex dramaturgical level in support of the work.

C&C Company was born from the union between Carlo Massari and Chiara Taviani, performers with an eclectic background, in the last decade on international stages as interpreters and creators of different companies. The debut of the first work in 2011: Corpo e Cultura (Body and Culture) immediately highlighted a strong vocation of the Company in search of a necessary physical language, strongly dramaturgical, in close relation with contemporary social issues. This was followed by the international debuts of: “Maria Addolorata”, “Tristissimo” (AnticorpiXL), “012”, “Peurbleue”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, “Dead Weight”, “Beast Without Beauty”. They have received prestigious awards, among them: “1st” Hiver Oclytes/Les Hivernales (F), “2nd” Hannover International Choreographers Competition (D), “2nd” Zawirowania Competition (PL), “Audience Award” Konzert Theater Berne (CH), “Finalist” Machol Shalem Dance Competition (I), “Special Mention” Premio Roma Danza (IT), “2nd” Corto in Danza (IT), Premio Palco Aperto (IT), “1st” E “Premio del Pubblico” CrashTest, “1°” Premio Twain.
In these years, in parallel with the production activity, have taken life performative projects with public participation: ContaminAzioni, SpringRoll (RomaEuropa ’16), Femminile Plurale. Currently the Company is engaged in the development of the extensive research “Beast Without Beauty”, which sees within it the alternation of social projects and international co-productions.
Since 2017 the artistic direction of the Company has been entrusted to Carlo Massari.