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Made in Italy 24.0 – open rehearsal

Agora Coaching Project – ph. Nicola Stasi


The protagonists are the dancers of the Agora Coaching Project, an advanced dance training project promoted and supported by the MM Contemporary Dance Company and A.S.D Progetto Danza of Reggio Emilia under the artistic direction of Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli. Started in 2010, the course is now gaining full recognition in the world of European dance and boasts collaborations with internationally renowned teachers and choreographers.

On stage Made in Italy 24.0, a programme consisting of Träfen Wir Uns, Uscita di Sicurezza, LEGO.

Choreography Ivan Alboresi
Music Davidson Jaconello, Stefan Levin, Frèdèric Chopin

Träfen wir uns is a new creation by Ivan Alboresi for the young dancers of the Agora Coaching Project. The choreography deals with various problems of the individual in contemporary society. The virtual reality, which the world pushes us to seek and create, contrasts with the loneliness present in everyday life. The problem of one’s identity outside of the digital self-presentation, the desire for “real” encounters and connections, as well as the omnipresence of fears and their influence on our actions, form the foundations of this piece.

Ivan Alboresi shows restless protagonists who are constantly searching for themselves, for support, for security. But at the same time the fear of connecting with the other, of losing control or being rejected. He contrasts this restlessness with moments of almost catatonic torpor. The choice of music, a fundamental part of Ivan Alboresi’s choreographies, goes from classical pieces to contemporary music to the use of sound carpets created in collaboration with the composer Davidson Jaconello.

Duration: 30′

Choreography Enrico Morelli
Music Ben Frost, Vex’d, Max Richter
Costumes Nuvia Valestri

First performance: March 2012

Uscita di Sicurezza catapults us into a parallel universe, into an alienating underworld where fog, rhythmic contractions and frenetic bodies enhance the dangerous influence of the herd.
They are all victims and aggressors, they are all perpetrators of a revolt suffocated within bodies that abandon and recover in a rhythmically controlled tension. The lack of personal identity, if not in function of the others, the need to belong, the incapacity of autonomy determine a sense of oppression from which to escape. The way out and the road to freedom here pass through the recognition of one’s own weakness: no longer existing only in function of others but breaking the rhythm by accepting oneself and one’s own fragile uniqueness.

Duration: 30′

Choreography Giuseppe Spota
Music Afiletta, Ezio Bosso, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ólafur Arnalds/Nils Frahm
Master repeater Damiano Artale

Creation created for Compagnia Aterballetto (2015)

Bridges, connections, streets to be travelled searching for oneself, searching for love, friendship, family, life. Events that form unions, which then transform themselves into other events. The all-encompassing, inescapable need to walk, to create, brick after brick, the road ahead, to understand those who will be part of it and to collect the fragments, without which many relationships would never exist.

Thus, it is the designing of a great map: streets and labyrinths that intersect, meet and collide, that indicate direction and movement, that create casual or voluntary relationships.

Duration: 35′

AGORA COACHING PROJECT is an annual project of improvement in dance for dancers aged between 18 and 22 years, which is based in Reggio Emilia.
Born in 2010, the course is directed by Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli, and is promoted and supported by MM Contemporary Dance Company and A.S.D. Progetto Danza di Reggio Emilia. It aims to train artists ready to deal flexibly with the variety of the international dance market, artists able to respond to requests of different nature, technical / stylistic, which come from this same market.

The course aims to offer a wide range of technical and cultural stimuli and exchange between students and choreographers, each of whom comes from and works in different realities among the most interesting on the international scene. Agora, in fact, brings the students together with established choreographers of different stylistic orientations, and in recent years has seen the presence of many illustrious names: several teachers, each with proven and qualified experience in the field.with Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli collaborate in the implementation of the project



Agora First Year

Erica Barusco / Filippo Cosso / Sally Demonte / Marek Brafa Misicoro / Francesca Russo / Viviana Sanfilippo / Melissa Venturi Degli Esposti / Silvia Romanet Bellot

Agora Second Year

Lucrezia Aiuto / Veronica Biondini / Greta Cecconi / Sara Flamini / Anna Chiara Gallo / Arianna Ganassi / Letizia Melchiorre / Lorenzo Molinaro / Diletta Ranuzzi / Rossana Samele / Angelo Antonio Tafuni / Gaia Tamagnini / Diletta Torelli / Vito Damiano Volpicella / Antonio Emanuele Meraglia

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Under 6: free

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