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The protagonists are the dancers of the Agora Coaching Project, an advanced dance training project promoted and supported by the MM Contemporary Dance Company and A.S.D Progetto Danza of Reggio Emilia under the artistic direction of Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli. Started in 2010, the course is now gaining full recognition in the world of European dance and boasts collaborations with internationally renowned teachers and choreographers.

On stage Made in Italy 26.0 with choreographies by Giuseppe Spota, Paolo Mohovich and Michele Merola.

Dancers: Camilla Aiazzi, Erica Barusco, Silvia Bellot Romanet, Agnese Biavati, Veronica Biondini, Marek Brafa, Margherita Cardinalini, Greta Cecconi, Filippo Cosso, Sally Demonte, Pietro Di Salvo, Annachiara Gallo, Sofia Lacava, Carlotta Lo Piano, Giorgia Mantovan, Letizia Melchiorre, Lorenzo Molinaro, Marta Monaci, Martina Pagliari, Alessio Saccheri, Rossana Samele, Viviana Sanfilippo, Diletta Torelli


Music ATMO music production
Costume designed by GIUSEPPE SPOTA and made by NUVIA VALESTRI

We lose ourselves in a flood of futility, only to experience moments of true beauty, lucidity and fragility. In a constant non-listening, we react to the domino effect triggered by our elected leaders of the moment, only to find ourselves empty and fragile.


The first walk in a dark wood. The first moonlight swim. The first party, the first encounters and disencounters (loving or not) … to be a little older the next day…
Nighttime rituals that with hindsight appear small, but how can we forget the emotion that made them appear immense?

Excerpts from BOLERO
Costume design NUVIA VALESTRI
Assistant to the choreographer PAOLO LAURI

A clockwork mechanism of rigorous precision, Bolero (1928) is still one of the best known and most listened to pieces in the history of music. On stage is a choreographic version of Bolero created by Merola for Agora Coaching Project, inspired by the one created for MMContemporary Dance Company. The choreographer confronted this obsessive and repetitive music, trying to understand its identity, reason and function, to arrive at his interpretation: at the end of this path the inspiration focused on the inexhaustible range of human relationships. In the choreography, fears, repressed desires, existential shocks that reveal entire universes, secret ties that exist between people are projected from the inside out, and irony gives way to fear, love to disenchantment, detachment to sharing, and so on, between crescendo and diminuendo, like the music of the Bolero.
Stefano Corrias spoke on this same music, with the licence and inventiveness that are the true mark of every artist. As a refined and experienced composer, aware of the demands of the stage, Corrias created his own musical score, freely inspired by the original version of Ravel’s piece. The new score was composed by carefully analysing the pages of Bolero, and integrates perfectly with it.


AGORA COACHING PROJECT is an annual project of improvement in dance for dancers aged between 18 and 22 years, which is based in Reggio Emilia.
Born in 2010, the course is directed by Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli, and is promoted and supported by MM Contemporary Dance Company and A.S.D. Progetto Danza di Reggio Emilia. It aims to train artists ready to deal flexibly with the variety of the international dance market, artists able to respond to requests of different nature, technical / stylistic, which come from this same market.

The course aims to offer a wide range of technical and cultural stimuli and exchange between students and choreographers, each of whom comes from and works in different realities among the most interesting on the international scene. Agora, in fact, brings the students together with established choreographers of different stylistic orientations, and in recent years has seen the presence of many illustrious names: several teachers, each with proven and qualified experience in the field.with Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli collaborate in the implementation of the project


Full price: 9 euro
Reduced under 30, dance schools, Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa, over 65, members of CRAL Municipality of Reggio Emilia: 6 euro
Reduced under 8: 3 euro

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