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10 choreographic studies by the authors of tomorrow

The advanced training course Next Generation Choreographers promoted by Fondazione Nazionale della Danza together with Ecipar- Reggio Emilia ends with a performance.
The twelve selected choreographers put their acquired skills to use by creating ten choreographies for the young dancers of the Agora Coaching Project.
It will be a unique opportunity to attend the creations of the authors of tomorrow.

Choreographies by Nicolò Abbattista, Adriano Bolognino, Fabrizio Calanna, Noemi Dalla Vecchia, Nwagwu Nnamdi, Marta Papaccio, Annalì Rainoldi, Sabrina Rigoni, Danilo Smedile, Federica Sorrentino, Matteo Vignali, Andrea Zardi
With 18 danzatori del corso di perfezionamento Agora Coaching Project

Next Generation Choreographers is a course organized by Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto and Ecipar- Reggio Emilia that, through four intensive modules between October 2021 and March 2022, is giving twelve emerging choreographers the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting choreographers on the international scene, as well as playwrights, light designers and stage technicians.

The aim of the project is to offer participants all the technical and theoretical tools required to deepen the study of the choreographic composition.

The final part of the program is reserved for a creative workshop in which all participants are asked to create a performance and work with the young dancers of Agora Coaching Project.

AGORA COACHING PROJECT is an annual project of improvement in dance for dancers aged between 18 and 22 years, which is based in Reggio Emilia.
Born in 2010, the course is directed by Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli and is promoted and supported by MM Contemporary Dance Company and A.S.D. Progetto Danza di Reggio Emilia. It aims to train artists ready to deal flexibly with the variety of the international dance market, artists able to respond to requests of different nature, technical/stylistic, which come from this same market.

The course aims to offer a wide range of technical and cultural stimuli and exchange between students and choreographers, each of whom comes from and works in different realities among the most interesting on the international scene. Agora, in fact, brings the students together with established choreographers of different stylistic orientations, and in recent years has seen the presence of many illustrious names: several teachers, each with proven and qualified experience in the field.with Michele Merola and Enrico Morelli collaborate in the implementation of the project


Single ticket: 3 euro

Due to anti-Covid regulations, tickets can only be purchased online at www.biglietteriafonderia39.it.
Therefore, tickets cannot be booked by phone or e-mail.

The box office service in the Fonderia is suspended.

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You can enter the Fonderia 15 minutes before the performance, showing your online purchase.
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Control staff are obliged to check this certification upon entry.
The public is required to wear an Ffp2 type mask correctly for the duration of the event.