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Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company – Simple Love – ph. Stefano Sasso


Nubìvago, a term that evokes suspension and magic, describes those who wander through their thoughts, through the clouds of the imagination, being fascinated by the views they can see. Those who are nubìvago do not get lost, but take pleasure in a journey that takes place between reason and dream.
The sensations evoked by the word Nubìvago link, in Roberta Ferrara‘s vision, the three titles brought on stage by Equilibrio Dinamico: three choreographies creating cosmos, questions, emotions and empathy.




Choreography/Set Concept: Jiří Pokorný
Lighting design: Jiří Pokorný
Costume design: Enzo Toma
Production: Equilibrio Dinamico
Duration: 20′
Realized during the choreographic residence “Experimental” supported by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Regione Puglia -Fondi Fesr 2007-2013.

No journey is completed in solitude, because thought, never immobile, torments our journey. An incoherent dialogue pushes, shifts and stops the pace. The rhythm falters moment by moment. Life passes while thoughts evolve, flow and drag us away. Can contradictions be believed in? Jiří Pokorný’s answer is yes.


Choreography/set concept: Matthias Kass & Clément Bugnon
Lighting design: Matthias Kass & Clément Bugnon
Costume design: Matthias Kass & Clément Bugnon
Duration: 15′

Time is constantly invoked: ‘do you have time to talk to me’ or ‘I don’t have enough time to finish this work’. What is invoked, however, is merely an interval, a window of time that circumscribes the completion of actions. Sunrise and sunset, night and day, follow one another without us really understanding how quickly we are running out of time. If we then look at a broader horizon, everything becomes elusive, and the complexity of time leaves us totally powerless.


Choreography/Set Concept: Roberta Ferrara
Lighting design: Roberta Ferrara
Musical consultation: Vito Causarano
Costume design: Franco Colamorea
Duration: 20′

Winning performance at Festival InDivenire 2018 in the dance category

Best female and best male dancer Award

A song of lost love, a fragile and celebratory tale. Gestures take the place of words and tell of bodies that impetuously unwind, confront each other, wait for each other and observe each other. A vortex, a challenge of balances and compromises to be found with the body, the heart and the mind.

The Equilibrio Dinamico company was founded in Apulia in 2011 by Roberta Ferrara, a choreographer, in order to offer a selected group of dancers from Southern Italy the opportunity to compete in an eclectic repertoire of international standing. The openness to quality experimentation, a painstaking and effective dramaturgical work, define the production of Ferrara herself and of the choreographers called to collaborate with Equilibrio Dinamico. In 2014 Vincenzo Losito joined the company, taking on the role of organisational and production manager, and contributing to increasing the group’s international visibility. Thanks to an effective network of exchanges with Europe and Asia, supported by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and, among others, the Italian Cultural Institutes of Cologne, Mexico, New York, Athens, Sao Paulo of Brazil, San Francisco and Zagreb, the company performs in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, India, Japan, Spain, Brazil, ODT International – Singapore, Korea Ballet House – Seoul, Staatstheater Ballet Augsburg – Germany and Teatrul De Balet Sibiu – Romania.


Full price: 9 euro
Reduced under 30, dance schools, Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa, over 65, members of CRAL Municipality of Reggio Emilia: 6 euro
Reduced under 8: 3 euro

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