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Pollicino Show

CHILDREN’S SHOW (6-11 years)

Pollicino is small but, in some ways, already big. He has six siblings and two parents who chop wood for a living. With the arrival of a severe famine, food is no longer enough to feed everyone.

The father then has an idea: abandon his children in the forest to avoid starvation. This is where the adventure of Pollicino and his siblings begins.

Direction Cinzia Pietribiasi
Choreography and interpretation Davide Tagliavini
Illustrations Giovanni Copelli
Production Artemis Danza
in collaboration with Compagnia Pietribiasi/Tedeschi

GRUPPO IBRIDO (Reggio Emilia, 2021) was created by the will of the dancer Davide Tagliavini, the digital artist Cinzia Pietribiasi and the painter Giovanni Copelli. The Group creates multidisciplinary works for children that intersect dance, voice, video projection, art, sculpture and new technologies. Pollicino is the first work, produced by the Artemis Danza Company.

Davide Tagliavini (1990) works with Luna Cenere, Artemis Danza, Marina Abramović, Gruppo Nanou, Anna Albertarelli, Lara Russo and others. For years he has been conducting dance workshops for children, teenagers and inclusive groups. Since 2020 he has assisted Luna Cenere in running the Genealogy Laboratory.

Cinzia Pietribiasi (1979) is Junior Scientist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and teacher of Computer Art. As a member of Jan Voxel she wins the Digital Residences 2021 competition. She plays the role of Mowgli with la Baracca, Teatro Testoni Ragazzi in Bologna and with Ambaradan Teatro. With the Pietribiasi / Tedeschi Company you work on Tanztheater projects for children.

Giovanni Copelli (1989) is a visual artist. He graduated in 2015 from Goldsmiths University in London and in 2013 from the Academy of Bologna. He realizes several solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

For everyone 6 euro


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