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Stanze \ Rooms

According to the DPCM of October 24th, the performance is cancelled.

Festival Aperto
Foyer of Teatro Municipale Valli in Reggio Emilia
Friday 13 November 2020, h 19, h 20.30, h 22
Saturday 14 November 2020 h 17.30, h 19, h 20.30

An itinerant site-specific performance

Another story (2020) / world-premiere _ site-specific version
INTER-VIEW (2019) / 2020 version
Domus Aurea (2018) / excerpts
choreography Diego Tortelli
lighting design Carlo Cerri
set and direction by Diego Tortelli and Carlo Cerri
in exhibition Domus Aurea, installation by Massimo Uberti

The resident choreographer of the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto, Diego Tortelli, designs a site-specific itinerant performance for some of the beautiful rooms of the Teatro Valli.
A tribute to a special place in the city of Reggio Emilia, a sign of artistic vitality in one of the most difficult periods experienced by the citizens and a reaffirmation of the central importance of the collaboration between two of the major Italian cultural institutions, I Teatri and Aterballetto.
Tortelli starts from the suggestions of light and colors of four extraordinary rooms of the Foyer of Valli and imagines a choreographic and musical path, which will bring together the public around the work Domus Aurea by visual artist Massimo Uberti, set design for the first creation of Tortelli for Aterballetto, a bright design of an ideal house within the context of an Ideal City.
For the occasion, Aterballetto will present the premiere of Another story, the new duet by Tortelli. The poetic cue from which his research starts is a gesture as simple as it is rich in complex, emotional and social nuances. The hug. It is no coincidence that one of the gestures lost, during the unusual flow of these months.
The evening is completed with some excerpts from Domus Aurea, choreography within the 2018 Bach Project diptych, and the rearrangement for two dancers of Aterballetto by Inter-view: Emanuele and Clément, presented at Fotografia Europea 2019.

Project for a house of light, Massimo Uberti