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XL Dance Company

After a year of suspension, we are resuming performances at the Foundry from where we stopped, with live streaming.

We decided to start our streaming activity from the Foundry by giving priority to XL Dance Company, a young company from Reggio Emilia directed by Laura Matano and Emanuela Baratin, which was due to make its debut just a year ago in the Foundry.

On stage were two choreographies signed by Laura Matano, “Oh Peter, hello. Goodbye.” and “Before Tomorrow”.

The event will be streamed on OnTheatre.

Choreography Laura Matano
Performers Diletta Antolini, Melissa Bortolotti, Francesco Corvino
Lighting design Gessica Germini
Music Various Authors
Duration 13.40 min

Here is the greeting you were meant to be.
I awaited it with understanding because in all our things there were sentences and redemptions.
In it is included the desire to which I had to return and which I had to keep. A
resolute control of aspirations so as not to become a victim of them.
You are without siege, and I am no longer a smile but winter.
Cover yourself too.
You said that every body seeks, calls, must fulfil itself.
It is true, here is the ritual to go.
I feel that you want to drag me into your space but I choose to return to myself, in symbiosis
with my wide gestures and without constraints. Until they are fulfilled we will guard our
sleeps but stand in profile, to give access to nightmares.
Then I will open my hands as in a space of my own, without having yours around me trying to
take one last close look.

XL Dance Company – “Oh Peter, hello. Goodbye” – ph. Jessica Incerti Telani

Choreography Laura Matano
Choreography assistant Sabrina Rigoni
Performers Diletta Antolini, Melissa Bortolotti, Noemi Garofalo, Sabrina Rigoni
Visual Art Jessica Incerti Telani
Scenography Cinzia Macis
Dramaturgical Preparation Stefano Masotti
Lighting Design Gessica Germini
Music Various Authors
Duration 24.30 min

Surrendering to the earth with an exhausted gesture, the body turns into a closed century.
Let it go.
Intensity, delicacy, violence, sincerity, intimacy.
Take it all in again and cherish it. A game that never ends.
Each time, the pain, it is a great discovery. Dazzling, like a black star.
Something is missing, you begin to live without, as you search for life’s vanishing point.
You scrape the empty words, you invent a new language, you derive by subtraction.
It is fear that comes but it comes together with courage.
Courage. And courage.
They are needed.
To learn again where the cardinal points are and then the exact vertical.
To square the balance again.
You devour existence.
You twist.
A twist that digs into your side, necessary to re-emerge. In the meantime a weeping flows, heedless and in
in its way hospitable.
And you walk, you move forward in the disorder of destiny, you obey the failure of time that falls
on you without you being able to stop it.
It affects us all.
A compulsory, obligatory passage, you do not escape, the bridge has collapsed.
Count the hours, count the minutes.
Count the seconds.
In fact, look, hold your head with your hand when you hear too much noise inside.
Take your time.
Compelled state of necessity.
That’s it, you have to get through it before tomorrow.
And from tomorrow on, don’t forget it.

XL Dance Company – “Prima di domani” – ph. Elena Bianchi

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  1. Tickets are 3 euros
    Buy your ticket on www.biglietteriafonderia39.it
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