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C’è vita su Venere

C’è vita su Venere – Abbondanza/Bertoni Company – ph. Tobia Abbondanza

Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, one of the most prolific companies on the Italian scene for its creations and for the diffusion of contemporary dance theater, presents a show that sees the return on stage of Antonella Bertoni.

C’è vita su Venere is a solo that investigates the diversity of the body, particularly the female body and its evolution with age and time. A journey on Venus, where gravity is dense, where in its slow going the body will reveal itself in a final metamorphosis.

Two perfomances: at 7.00 p.m and 9.00 p.m

At the end of each performance, Maria Luisa Buzzi (Editorial Director of Danza&Danza) leads a talk with Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni about the performance.


By Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni
With Antonella Bertoni
Lights Andrea Gentili
Sound elaborations Orlando Cainelli
Technical Claudio Modugno
Mask and props Nadezhda Simenova
Dress Chiara Defant

Organization, strategy and development Dalia Macii
Administration and coordination Francesca Leonelli
Press office Susanna Caldonazzi
Communication Francesca Venezia
Photos Tobia Abbondanza

Approaching its own death the Phoenix builds the nest there it burns completely and from its ashes generates the new egg.
Saint Saens’ “The Swan” (even Zeus had to transform himself into a swan to get to fertilize Leda’s egg) generates here a beloved chicken egg.

The resulting festive enthusiasm declines into a consuming pink explosion, which flows into an exhaustion and emptying of the character, exhausted and surrounded by the remnants of his actions.
All that remains is the performer abandoned beneath the costume: it is the time for unveiling, for revealing the possible fragility of one who hides behind a mask, behind a veil and even behind her own face. To see who is looking at her and judge who is judging her.

Thus is grafted the final metamorphosis into a creature with crutches, an expiatory quadruped (goat or marvelous and enigmatic hippogriff, slowly receding, a lone walker among past ruins.


Michele Abbondanza


From New York experience in the school of Alwin Nikolais to French studies with Dominique Dupuy, through Carolyn Carlson‘s ‘poetic’ improvisations and the study and practice of Zen, Michele Abbondanza (co-founder of the Sosta Palmizi group and teacher at the Piccolo Theatre School in Milan) and Antonella Bertoni founded the Abbondanza/Bertoni Company, recognized as one of the most prolific artistic realities on the Italian scene for their creations, educational and pedagogical activities and for the dissemination of contemporary dance theater.

Theirs is an intimate dance, which is reflected in the otherness of the couple; Belonging to their being together on stage is a quality of movement in two voices in which is tangible the acceptance of the body of one in the other, the habit in the movement to listening, a dialectic of encounter and clash between thoughts and physicality not experienced only in artistic practice.


Full price: 6 euro
Reduced under 8: 3 euro


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