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Corpo Liturgico – Prova Aperta


Corpo liturgico. Requiem è pensato come un viaggio a quattro stazioni, che possono essere intese anche come le tappe di un’ideale mappa culturale e sociale del territorio legate dal fil rouge rappresentato dalla musica di Giuseppe Verdi.
I luoghi scelti sono la Pieve di San Genesio di San Secondo Parmense, la Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta a Bardone, l’Abbazia San Bernardo a Fontevivo e l’Abbazia di San Basilide di Badia Cavana, che ospiteranno al loro interno e nei sagrati quattro performance di danza contemporanea, articolate nei mercoledì e venerdì del mese di giugno 2020.


“All that mankind has experienced is written in the body. To dance the soul, the ancient one and the one of today, is to place movement and form at the service of necessity, urgency, emotion and soul” M.C.

Originally from Ferrara and graduated with honors with a thesis on Plato and dance, Monica Casadei, after a competitive career in rhythmic gymnastics, devoted herself to the study of classical and modern dance, first in Italy, then in London, finally in Paris, where she met the choreographers Pierre Doussaint and Isabelle Doubouloz and the master André Cognard Hanshi So shihan, with whom she still practices the martial art of Aikido. He founded the company Artemis Danza in France, with which he moved to Italy in 1997, creating an intense production activity that counts, to date, over forty original creations. From 1998 to 2007 the company is in residence at the Fondazione Teatro Due in Parma, while from 2014 it is in artistic residence at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna. Artemis Danza has been invited to the most important Italian theatres and festivals, in numerous international tours and festivals.

Fundamental in Monica Casadei’s artistic research are the contamination with different artistic, cultural and geographical territories, as well as the exploration of urban places and spaces that become the theatre of performance actions.

Alongside the production activity, Artemis supports, pro