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Don Juan

Don Juan, choreography by Swedish Johan Inger and winner of the Danza&Danza ‘Best Production 2020’ Award, finally reaches Ravenna Festival, where it was due to première last year.

The choreography is born from Inger’s desire to “face” Don Juan/Don Giovanni, an ancient and still contemporary, truly paradigmatic myth. Some of the works that inspired the choreographer are Tirso de Molina’s original comedy and the plays by Molière, Bertold Brecht and Suzanne Lilar. Inger, together with the playwright Gregor Acuña-Pohl, thoroughly read twenty-five different texts inspired by Don Juan.

This Don Juan features all the characters of the story, from Doña Elvira to Doña Ana to Zerlina and Masetto. The Don Juan is a Kammerspiel, where the dance is a magnifying glass for each of the characters revealing in a refined and clear way the inner world of men and women on stage.

Ravenna Festival is one of the co-producers of the choreography.