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Don Juan

Ludwigsburg is the first German city to stage Don Juan, the full evening production by Johan Inger.

The choreography comes from Inger’s desire to confront Don Juan, a paradigmatic myth that is both ancient and still contemporary. The original comedy by Tirso de Molina, Molière, Bertold Brecht and the play by Suzanne Lilar are just some of the sources of inspiration: Inger and playwright Gregor Acuña-Pohl consulted twenty-five different texts inspired by the character.

In the creation we find all the characters of the story, from Donna Elvira to Donna Anna to Zerlina and Masetto. Don Juan can be considered a Kammerspiel, with its ability to emphasise nuances and emotions: and in the case of this creation, dance becomes a magnifying glass for the individual characters, subtly but clearly revealing the inner world of the men and women on stage.