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Eppur si muove – Punch 24 – A Poetry Abstraction

ph. Jennifer Moyes

The Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto presents a programme composed of three choreographies and itinerant through the main spaces of the Fonderia.

On stage Eppur si muove by Francesca Lattuada, the premiere of Punch 24 by Roberto Tedesco and A Poetry Abstraction, the creation by Diego Tortelli created in 2019 for the Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda capsule. The choreographies are danced by specifically selected performers.

Three performances of the programme are scheduled:

  • h 16.30-17.30
  • h 18.00-19.00
  • h 19.30-20.30

Choreography Francesca Lattuada
Music Ludwig van Beethoven (Symphony n. 7 – Second movement – Allegretto)
Costume design Bruno Fatalot
Dancers Arianna Ganassi, Antonio Tafuni

Duration 12’
Production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto

Wrapped in the elegant and impalpable costume of Bruno Fatalot, a dancer moves solemnly on a barrel-pedestal, pulled by the painful and mysterious note of Beethoven’s Allegretto. His dance fascinates and seduces, as impressive as a prayer song.

An im-mobile dance.
Im-mobility of the secular tree.
Soft movements, invisible to the naked eye.
The blood dripping in the veins, the heart beating.
A sensually funeral dance.
Obstinate Love.
A dance that celebrates an incessant, inexorable, ineluctable flow of the
Combination of solemnity and simplicity.

«Simplicity is complexity solved.» Constantin Brancusi

Choreography Roberto Tedesco
Music Not Waving
Costumes Waxman Brothers
Dancers Antonello Amati, Laila Luchetta Lovino

Duration 12’
Production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto


The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.
A circle, a journey that comes to an end only after returning to its starting point, containing countless roads and suggestions.
Punch24 is a circular path where the first and last stages intersect each other but are not coincident phases. It is my research about anything what we can find within a shape, the awareness that every movement, every sound, every glance can be variable and endlessly multipliable.
Punch24 is a series of independent scenes, a game of entrances and exits, a back and forth between the two dancers. A set of seemingly disconnected scenes that follow one other, offering the audience the possibility to visualize each time a different performer.

The initial idea when I approached this new work was to create a piece for a group of 5/6 dancers. However, the current pandemic situation has affected my idea, leading me to change my plans and “forcing” me to interact with only two performers. This “obstacle”, so to speak, has made me think and it has led me to the creation of a duet that is not caged in a pre-defined structure. A duet that is open to future evolutions: an enlargement or, to be more precise, a return to a greater number of dancers.

Roberto Tedesco


Choreography Diego Tortelli
Music Modulatori and Cavalcata by Daniela Savoldi, Meditation from Thaïs by Jules Massenet
Cello Daniela Savoldi
Costume design Diego Tortelli
Dancers Fabio Calvisi, Vittoria Franchina, Giovanni Leone, Vanessa Loi

Duration 20’
Production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto

Creation for the launch of Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda capsule (2019)

In the performance created for the launch of the Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda capsule in 2019, I am going to draw geometric shapes and patterns through dance and body, following and connecting my work to the designer’s creations, but also from the idea of “opposites”.

I am fascinated by the concept of elements that are born from a principle of “abstractionism” but find their own story when meeting; just as a body finds its own narrative and the right feeling when wearing a dress, so the dancing body finds its own narrative sense in the encounter with music.

I imagine therefore an exclusive performance, where the bodies of the dancers intertwine creating plastic figures, broken lines and games of fluid geometries, but always accompanied by the harmonious and poetic sound of a young cellist, to give geometry a soul, a place, a time. Colour, shape and fluidity: a performance built for an audience that loves to be carried away by the poetry of line and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the patterns at the base of Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda capsule, I am going to create an abstract poem of bodies immersed in colour.

A declaration of love to contemporary art, to what defines it: geometry, matter and poetry.

Diego Tortelli

Full price: 9 euro
Reduced price under 30, dance schools, Liceo Coreutico Matilde di Canossa, over 65: 6 euro
Under 8: free

In compliance with anti-Covid regulations, tickets can only be purchased online at www.biglietteriafonderia39.it up to one hour before the performance.
Therefore tickets cannot be booked by phone or by e-mail.

The ticket service in the Fonderia is suspended.

Tickets are not numbered.

You can enter the Fonderia 15 minutes before the performance, showing your online purchase.
At the entrance, the temperature will be tested and if the temperature exceeds 37.5°C, you will not be allowed to enter. Access to Fonderia is only allowed prior to the presentation of a valid Green Pass certification, excluding the children under the age of 12 and to subjects exempted on the basis of suitable medical certification – according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health. Our staff will check this certification at the entrance. It is required the correct use of the mask for the entire duration of the event.