“The poignant and elusive 14’20” that Jiří Kylián extracted from a longer piece (27’52”), a duet constructed with compositional clarity and with the usual ability to immerse the viewer in a suggestive emotional atmosphere.”

Silvia Poletti, Danza&Danza

The title 14’20” simply derives from the duration of this piece.
In fact it is a segment of the original work entitled 27’52”.

Our life seems to be determined by time – But “time” is a very abstract term! We do not know what time is.
We have made machines which measure time more accurately than ever before.
This is surely very important, but many philosophers tell us, that there is no such thing as “time” – They teach us that “time” is only an invention of human beings!
All this is possible, but one thing us sure: our time is determined by two minuscule moments. The moment in which we are born and the moment in which we die.

The work I made is not only about “time”. It is also about “speed”, about “love” and about “aging”.
In fact it is all very simple but also incredibly complicated and for sure totally inexplicable!

Jiří Kylián. Den Haag, the Netherlands – July 22, 2013

excerpt/duet from the work 27’52”

Choreography Jiří Kylián
Music Dirk Haubrich (new composition, based upon 2 themes by Gustav Mahler)
Set design Jiří Kylián
Costume design Joke Visser
Lighting design Kees Tjebbes

Duration 14’20” – For two dancers

World premiere 27’52’’
Den Haag (NL) Nederlands Dans Theater 2, Lucent Danstheater,February
21st 2002

Premiere 14’20’’
Reggio Emilia (I), Teatro Valli, Gala dei Ritorni, January 16th 2007

Staging for Aterballetto
Reggio Emilia (I), Teatro Valli, November 6th 2015

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