A Poetry Abstraction

//A Poetry Abstraction
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Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto for
Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda

Dance and music draw and brighten the space, like a dress can do with a body.
In search of emotions and aesthetic lines to share, the most important Italian dance company conceived an exclusive, music live site-specific performance for the new Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda capsule collection.

Choreography Diego Tortelli
Music Modulatori and Cavalacata by Daniela Savoldi, Meditation from Thaïs by Jules Massenet
Cello Daniela Savoldi
Costume design Diego Tortelli
Ensemble of 4 dancers selected for A Poetry Abstraction Fabio Calvisi, Giovanni Leone, Vanessa Loi, Angelica Mattiazzi

Duration 20’

Production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto

In the performance created for the launch of the Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda capsule, I am going to draw geometric shapes and patterns through dance and body, following and connecting my work to the designer’s creations, which in turn draw inspiration from one of the artists exponents of minimal art, Frank Stella, but also from the idea of “opposites”.

I am fascinated by the concept of elements that are born from a principle of “abstractionism” but find their own story when meeting; just as a body finds its own narrative and the right feeling when wearing a dress, so the dancing body finds its own narrative sense in the encounter with music.
I imagine therefore an exclusive performance, where the bodies of the dancers intertwine creating plastic figures, broken lines and games of fluid geometries – retracing the aesthetics of Frank Stella – but always accompanied by the harmonious and poetic sound of a young cellist, to give geometry a soul, a place, a time.

Colour, shape and fluidity: a performance built for an audience that loves to be carried away by the poetry of line and elegance.
Drawing inspiration from the patterns at the base of Marina Rinaldi by Roksanda capsule, I am going to create an abstract poem of bodies immersed in colour.

Diego Tortelli

Thursday 8th August 2019, London
Marina Rinaldi Townhouse
by invitation

Tuesday 10th September 2019, Paris
The Peninsula Hotel
by invitation

Saturday 14th September 2019, Rome
Palazzo Torlonia
by invitation

Saturday 21st September 2019, Milan
Piazza del Liberty, 2

Thurday 26th September 2019, Palermo
Palazzo Francavilla
by invitation

Saturday 28th September 2019, Bari
Via Sparano, 78
by invitation

Saturday 5th October 2019, Verona
Via Mazzini, 30/a
by invitation