In/Finito in Milan

//In/Finito in Milan
In/Finito in Milan2021-09-15T19:59:38+02:00

After Reggio Emilia, Capri, Bologna and Athens, comes Milan In/Finito,

a site-specific project of dance and photography for urban, natural or historical spaces.

Toni Thorimbert returns to photograph the dancers Arianna Kob, Ina Lesnakowski, Grace Lyell, Ivana Mastroviti, Giulio Pighini and Serena Vinzio, this time immersed in the emblematic spaces of some peripheral areas of Milan, such as Cascina Nosedo, Parco Trotter and the dead track of Chiaravalle.

Inside the new exhibition context signed by Toni Thorimbert the six performers dance the six solos that make up In/Finito.

In/Finito is during the Adriano Community Days:

a party open to the whole city that takes place in the Adriano district. Two days in which communities and citizens celebrate with a calendar of events that will take place between the Adriano Community Center, a community center in the neighborhood almost finished, and other places of Adriano.

The event is organized by Proges with the creative and managerial support of ShiftOn, and co-designed within the Lacittàintorno the urban regeneration program of Fondazione Cariplo, created to transform the suburbs, starting from Milan, into places of social aggregation also through cultural and creative interventions.

Saturday 23 November 2019
h 17.00-18.00-19.00 Programme A
h 17.30-18.30-19.30 Programme B

Sunday 24 November 2019
h 16.00-17.00-18.00 Programme A
h 16.30-17.30-18.30 Programme B

Programme A: Notturni by Saul Daniele Ardillo, L180 by Hektor Budlla, Maudit by Diego Tortelli
Programme B: Cemento by Roberto Tedesco, Purple Usurper by Philippe Kratz, Survivante by Damiano Artale

Free entrance
Limited number of seats

Auditorium Adriano Community Center
Piazzetta angolo via Tremelloni e via Adriano, Milan