MAPS 1:610

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MAPS 1:610 is a site specific project born from a meeting between the Spanish artist Jorge Pombo and Saul Daniele Ardillo, a dancer with a peculiar sensitivity not only towards choreography but also painting.

The idea was born from an interest in an unusual theme: the questioning of control over artistic creation.

MAPS 1: 610 was born from the meeting between Jorge R. Pombo, painter and Saul Daniele Ardillo, choreographer. The connections between technology, dance and painting become the heart of the research of the two artists: Pombo has the task of reinterpreting charcoal – in a mix between digital and analogical – the maps of some big cities taken from Google Maps; while the dancers, on choreography by Ardillo, complete the work by dancing on the painter’s canvases.

Pombo, inspired by the concepts of the legendary Black Mountain College and interested to investigate the intervention of the chance and the loss of control over the pictorial process, find in the dance a precious alter ego to which to deliver part of the creation, so that the dance has the task of completing the work completely autonomously. On the other hand, Ardillo takes the opportunity to develop a choreographic code in which the movement is no longer exclusively “fine” but also creative “means”.

The audience plays witness to a torrent of energy, instability, and emotional vulnerability in motion: the act of creation as an uncontrollable process of change and release.

On this occasion as well, the spectator is brought to reflect on the city’s identity. At first recognizable and reassuring, the street grid plotted on the maps blurs and morphs into something else all together by the impact of movement over the ground. To surprising final result.

Choreography Saul Daniele Ardillo
Works Jorge R. Pombo
Music Fryderyk Chopin
Sound design Alessandro Grisendi
Costume design Lazzaro Mussini
Lighting design Carlo Cerri

Duration 25’ – For 5 dancers

Production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto
Coproduction Fondazione Palazzo Magnani

World premiere
October 21st 2018, Palazzo da Mosto, Reggio Emilia
within Festival After.Futuri Digitali

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