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Orizzonti del Corpo

Art/Dance/Virtual Reality

From November 12, 2021 to January 16, 2022

An innovative dialogue between dance and visual arts, joining artworks and performances, born from the collaboration between Fondazione Palazzo Magnani and Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto.

The project combines an exhibition of contemporary art, curated by Marina Dacci, with MicroDanze, installations danced by one, two or three performers in very small spaces and lasting just a few minutes, conceived by Gigi Cristoforetti, general and programming director of the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto.

Thirteen are the contemporary artists invited: Leonardo Anker Vandal, Bianco – Valente, Fabrizio Cotognini, Antonio Fiorentino, Silvia Giambrone, Gianluca Malgeri, Matteo Montani, Mustafa Sabbagh, Vincenzo Schillaci, Namsal Siedlecki, Sissi and Giovanni Termini artists who are Italian or who have lived in Italy for some time and who, in some cases, have created new works especially for the project. Their works, by vocation and assonance, create an open dialogue with the six MicroDanze by the five choreographers: Saul Daniele Ardillo, Ina Lesnanowski, Philippe Kratz, Angelin Preljocaj, Diego Tortelli.

In addition to the days of live performances by the dancers, the project is further enriched, for some performances, with immersive virtual fruition thanks to Oculus technology that completely changes the proxemic perception between spectator and dancers.

The body, therefore, is placed at the centre both in the poetics of the artworks and in the performances and in the ways in which the audience can enjoy them.

The connection between dance and art is not unusual, but in this project there are further new elements in which the physicality of the dancers and the matter of the art are combined with an immersive virtual technology that allows the proxemics between dancer and spectator to be addressed with different methods. This project is conceived, from the beginning, as an equal exchange.

Art, in this context, is not proposed as a “scenographic decoration” of dance, but rather as an enriching element, a multiplier of evocations and suggestions that unfolds in a coherent parallel path. These reciprocities, made up of crossings and overlaps, of multiple visual and sound inputs, generate resonances that encourage the visitor to live a powerful experience.

The six MicroDanze, as well as the artists’ works (some of which were created especially for this edition), explore the definition of personal identity and living space. Evoking and being able to keep the historical traces that are our indispensable mnestic roots; bringing contradictions and conflicts to light in a critical key, triggering processes of evolution, sometimes painful but liberating that tell about what we are like and what we could be like. Experiencing a claustrophobic suffocation, seeking protection and new balances, building different relational geographies that arise from the relationship with an anthropized landscape and from a style of view “closed” to fertile relationships with the environment and with others, opening reflections on how we live and where we would like to be.

The whole project, therefore, is oriented towards tracing the complex connections that run through us: from spirituality to rituality, from mythology to history, from social and environmental short-circuits in which the body, real or implied, is engaged in its pursuit of evolution, of seeking new physical and psychic spaces, embracing transformation as a cathartic element.

As varied as the expressions and perspectives presented in choreography and art are, it is the process of birth, liberation and regeneration that underlies all these mise en acte, enriched with a sense of ineffable mystery.


Art / Dance / Virtual Reality

Exhibition by Marina Dacci

MicroDanze is a project by Gigi Cristoforetti

Artists: Leonardo Anker Vandal, Bianco – Valente, Fabrizio Cotognini, Antonio Fiorentino, Silvia Giambrone, Gianluca Malgeri, Matteo Montani, Mustafa Sabbagh, Vincenzo Schillaci, Namsal Siedlecki, Sissi, Giovanni Termini

Choreographers: Saul Daniele Ardillo (Shelter – live and Cinematic vr), Ina Lesnanowski (Platform02 – live and video), Philippe Kratz (Afterimage – live and video), Angelin Preljocaj (Near Life Experience – live and video), Diego Tortelli (Kepler – live and Cinematic vr; Meridiana – Cinematic vr)

within AN IDEAL CITY, public art project in partnership with LES HALLES DE SCHAERBEEK – BRUSSELS and GREEK NATIONAL OPERA – ATHENS, co-funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union

Technological development and user experience design RE:LAB
Video production & editing RIOT STUDIO (LAPEJ)

Palazzo da Mosto, Reggio Emilia
12 November 2021 – 16 January 2022

  • 12, 13, 14 November 2021 (every day three performances at h 15.00 / 16.30 / 18.00)
    14, 15, 16 January 2022 (every day three performances at h 15.00 / 16.30 / 18.00)

Six MicroDanze at Palazzo da Mosto in live:
Shelter by Saul Daniele Ardillo, Kepler by Diego Tortelli, Afterimage by Philippe Kratz, Platform02 by Ina Lesnakowski, Near Life Experience by Angelin Preljocaj only live; Meridiana by Diego Tortelli only in virtual reality.

  • From 15 November 2021 to 13 January 2022
    Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Six MicroDanze at Palazzo da Mosto in VR and video:
Shelter by Saul Daniele Ardillo, Kepler by Diego Tortelli, Meridiana by Diego Tortelli presented in VR Experience.
Afterimage by Philippe Kratz, Platform02 by Ina Lesnakowski and Near Life Experience by Angelin Preljocaj presented in video.


Fondazione Palazzo Magnani
Tel. +39 0522 444446
Email info@palazzomagnani.it

Tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket office in Palazzo da Mosto.

To watch the MicroDanze at Palazzo da Mosto live:
Single ticket 28 €

For the exhibition Orizzonti del Corpo. Art/Dance/Virtual Reality:
Full rate 10 €
Reduced 8 €
Students (19-26 years old) 6 €
Kids (6-18 years old) 5 €

Concessions: over 65, YoungER card, people with disabilities, membership card partners, ARCI, FAI, Max Mara employees, Touring Club, Fondazione Palazzo Magnani ticket holders, CARD CULTURA BOLOGNA
Students: students from 19 to 26 years old with a university card
Free admission: friends of Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, children under 12 years-old, carers of people with disabilities, press-accreditated journalists and  members of Peggy Guggenheim Collection

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Art and the body. Choreographing space, designing time

Training course for teachers and architects

The Fondazione Palazzo Magnani offers teachers in-depth interdisciplinary courses on themes that change from year to year, depending on the current exhibition, through frontal lessons and workshops held each time by different teachers, scholars and experts. Aimed at pre-school, primary and secondary school teachers, the course aims to introduce them to the language of art and offer them interdisciplinary interpretations, highlighting the educational value of art and activating projects shared between the Fondazione Palazzo Magnani and schools.

The course, running from October 2021 to January 2022, offers a range of training courses including frontal lessons, workshops, guided tours of exhibitions and meetings with artists.

Download the full programme here

17 November and 1 December h 16.30-18.30
held by Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto
The workshop will be held in Fonderia in via della Costituzione, 39

Lara Guidetti, choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the Sanpapié Company
The body as a space of experience

The project starts from the theme of the relationship between body, performance and urban spaces, with a view to an entirely new and particular exploration of places hitherto known only through their natural and original vocation. Starting from the dialogue generated by the encounter between the MicroDances and the artworks of “Orizzonti del Corpo”, therefore outside the theatre and in a completely new context, we have imagined a path that allows people to experience differently the crossing of places in the city with a ‘look’ largely unknown: that of the body.

In particular, we will address the possibilities of site-specificity and public art in relation to dance and the interconnection with contemporary languages such as sound, microtechnology, dramaturgy and visual art in order to trigger participatory and inclusive creative processes that rethink city spaces, both indoor and outdoor, as performative scenarios and narrative subjects.

The aim is to create an active experience in which participants, both teachers and students, are involved, individually and in groups, in the creation of itineraries through spaces and their specificities.

In the first meeting, with the teachers, the different forms of site-specific and public art, from the past to the present, will be addressed, with analysis of different works and themes, to open up a wide project panorama where various disciplines and objectives find space.
The workshops, on the other hand, will offer a practical and direct experience of these processes starting from the particular identity of the place that will host them. The creative process will be the same for both teachers and students, in order to offer a common experience that will differ only in the diversity of perception and action of the subjects themselves.