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Operation Rif.PA 2020-15413/RER “A STEP BEYOND Methodologies, languages and professionalism for the dance of tomorrow”.
Activities co-financed with resources from the European Social Fund and the Emilia Romagna Region. Approved by DGR 401/2021 of 29/03/2021
Project n. 3 – Edition n. 1
“Over limited – Towards an integrated dialogue between dance and disability”
Professional Area: Artistic and Performing Arts Production

The project is to form a figure who is able to work for the valorisation of differences, not as limits, but as resources and starting point for a common creative path, using approaches and didactic tools of inclusive dance. A figure who, knowing the impact of dance on different forms of disability (motor, psychic, sensory), is able to adequately collect information to identify the objectives of a path of inclusivity, creating an accessible common language aimed at ensuring the acquisition of the same technical elements to all participants in a perspective of accumulation. He/she will know how to work with groups of different size and type, how to create and present performances, how to give feedback.


Aterballetto - Fondazione Nazionale della Danza                


with the support

The project, with a total of 146 hours of which 20 hours of project work, is structured in 5 modules carried out in an active and involving way.

The training course is aimed at operators in the world of performing arts interested in the theme of disability and will involve, as trainers, the main Danceability artists on the national and international scene.

  • JURI ROVERATO, dancer and teacher of Danceability
    “Towards Disability Leadership” – From 20 to 22 November 2021;
  • MICHELA LUCENTI, Balletto Civile Company
    “Towards multidisciplinarity: Bodies in Action” – From 06 to 09 December 2021;
  • SILVIA GRIBAUDI, performing artist
    “Towards irony: Divèrtere” – From 11 to 13 February 2022;
  • GIUSEPPE COMUNIELLO, dancer & GAIA GERMANÀ, Danceability teacher
    “Towards sensoriality: with the body I understand” – From 24 to 27 March 2022;
    “Towards a non-exclusionary language” – From 22 to 25 April 2022
  • ARTURO CANNISTRÀ, former Aterballetto dancer and in charge of educational projects of Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto

The activity will take place at the Fonderia, headquarters of the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto – Via della Costituzione 39, Reggio Emilia

Guest speakers

During the course of the project there will also be virtual meetings for dialogue and exchange, during which some national realities will tell about themselves, bringing examples of experiences, best practices, projects and paths on the theme of dance and disability.

Participants are expected to be:

  • people with experience in the performing arts sector and an interest in the theme of disability/fragile body;
  • dance teachers, dancers or operators in the performing arts who have experience in the specific field of the relationship between disability and an interest in deepening the tools to best conduct experiences of encounter between dance and disability.

Formal entry requirements:

  • Having fulfilled compulsory education and the right to education and training;
  • To be resident or domiciled in Emilia Romagna prior to application to the activities;
  • Knowledge and skills in the performing arts sector, acquired through:
    -work and professional experiences in the performing arts sector
    -non-formal and informal training courses, including non-professional experiences
    -coherent formal tertiary education.

Substantive requirements:

  • high school diploma;
  • English language level B1;
  • motivation to participate expressed in a motivation letter or digital self-presentation highlighting the personal and professional aims and objectives of participation in the course.

It is preferable to have had experience with disabilities.

Interested applicants must submit their application by e-mail (francesca.ranuzzini@cnare.it), filling in the application form which can be downloaded from the website www.eciparformazione.it

Deadline for submission of application form: 15/09/2021

Once the formal and substantial requirements have been checked, a list of eligible and ineligible candidates will be drawn up.

In the event that the number of eligible persons exceeds the number of places available, participants will be selected.