They didn’t know where to leave me…

///They didn’t know where to leave me…
They didn’t know where to leave me…2019-07-09T18:37:37+02:00

Cristiana Morganti developed a crucial part of her artistic experience with Pina Bausch, absorbing the kind of corrosive and poetic universe and unique language that has given the term Tanztheater its most profound meaning. The encounter between Aterballetto dancers has created an opportunity to try a dance made up of big intensity.

“Starting with these autobiographical elements, I wanted to play with aspects of dance and life, in a dynamic that continually erases the fine line between on and off stage, between real life and invention”. Cristiana Morganti

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Cristiana Morganti

Music by various authors selected by
Karen Dalton, Peaches, Uhuhboo Project, Joao Gilberto, The Bad Plus, Horace Silver, Big Business

Cristiana Morganti and Francesca Messori

Carlo Cerri

Costume construction
Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto costume department – Francesca Messori, Debora Baudoni

Thanks to
Bernd Kirchhoefer and Alessandro Grisendi for music editing

Moncalieri – Torinodanza Festival, Fonderie Limone, 19 October 2017

World premiere
Gorizia – NID New Italian Dance Platform, Teatro Comunale G. Verdi, 21 October 2017

Duration 40’ – For 9 dancers