The mathematics of the choreographic “phrase”, its placement within a system, its ability to be reproduced in time and the consequences that result from this are the starting point for this piece. From grammar to geography, information travels creating a linguistic impact on the space, in a never-ending desire to exchange, to breathe life into the dance as an environmental, explorative situation.

What makes a place inhabitable? The architecture that contains it or the dynamic of that which passes through it?

A body that is dancing truly does so when it allows another dance to exist alongside it. In this way, we create a landscape; in this way, we move to upper quarters.

“Michele Di Stefano, one of the finest Italian authors. (…) “Upper East Side” is a tribute to the skills of the nine performers. They are superlative in this mature test of choreographic writing.”
Sergio Trombetta

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Michele Di Stefano

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch

Light design
Carlo Cerri

World premiere
Reggio Emilia, Festival Aperto, Teatro Cavallerizza, 22 October 2014

Duration 23’ – For 9 dancers