“Dance is like a dream; when you wake up you can’t explain how and why certain thoughts and things occurred, and why they occurred in that precise manner”. Hofesh Shechte

Hofesh Shechter is one of the most intense and visceral choreographers in the world of contemporary dance. This may be because he almost always composes the music himself, which is thus closely in tune with the energy of his movement. The outcome is like a punch, in his own words, which hits the spectator like a wave of energy.

In Wolf, an old piece of his which he has now recreated for 16 Aterballetto dancers, we find a kind of wild animal quality, running intermittently through the men and women. The overall composition carries us into a totally original and engaging universe.


Choreography and music Hofesh Shechter
Light and costume Hofesh Shechter
Additional music Verdi, Bach, Atm and Dance Music by Ophir Ilzetzki

Restaged for Aterballetto by
Assistant to choreographer Sita Ostheimer
Lighting Design Associate Richard Godin

WOLF is presented in association with Hofesh Shechter Company – www.hofesh.co.uk
Production Fondazione Nazionale Della Danza / Aterballetto

Duration 30’ – For the entire company

October 19th 2017, Moncalieri – Torino Danza, Fonderie Limone

October 21th 2017, Gorizia – NID New Italian Dance Platform, Teatro Comunale G. Verdi

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